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Darkest Dungeon


Been using my Steam account and bought the game Darkest Dungeon. Nice throwback feel. Less interaction, perhaps, than Battle Brothers. But as a turn based Fantasy simulation, I'm getting enjoyment.

Your father uncovered a demon under the family estate and you return to rid the manor and town of the evil. You are more of the paymaster, sending heroes off the stagecoach to explore and vanquish. D&D style game with upgrades to town allowing new powers for your stable of heroes. Balance on easy seems fine.

Don't love any of the minions, however, cause most are a crit away from death. Also, the AI tend to target the fighter close to death (as it should). I use lots of stun and try to slow play the battles. Yet I have run from quests, since I loath losing characters recklessly.

IF there is any twist-balance in the game it's in the progressive fear the characters accumulate. You take at most four into the fights, but not the same. Between delves, the characters tend to need R&R in the Abbey, Tavern or Asylum for recovery.

Almost wish I had the same game as not fantasy horror, but modern horror, where instead of knights I get cops, instead of priests, I get psychics. Rest would port over rather well. Themes could also be darker, but I understand the PG rating for sale. Not sure how that would manifest, except in graphics. Yet, I also think the in game art is good for the style of play.



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