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Cutlass 21 Feb


Wow, got to say our party took everything throw up against them.

We started by establishing dominion over the bay of bass by defeating a pair of Moorish Galleys sent out from Fez. The master stroke happened as Diaz hung upside down and fired his pistol into the enemy commander.

To prevent that from occurring again, we bombarded the port of Fez w/ the Karlskrona, but that was inconsequential. We attacked and most of us were repelled, but there was a victor. I recall his name was Diaz.

Moab ibn Bakr (mission two) was placed in command of Fez as his sanctuary as he continues to battle his brother for control of the Moorish state. But Vert Valiant has all sides of the Bay of Bass, now guarded by two Galley and the Galleass. If only the Moors will build more ships for us to take. I believe that Diaz brokered the deal.

We set out again to Mandar, but discovered we had not in fact been negotiating trade w/ Emperor Wanli. The real ruler of the Mandarin wanted a gift. We had three choices, but decided against the easy one, a Panda. Taking the creature sacred to the people of Ceylon (our allied port) was for the best. We could also hunt and capture a sloth, but would need to fight an elusive aboriginal tribe. That was not proper. So we choose to capture a live Tiger. A good choice for all but Moridin who I watched in horror as she was dragged away to the beastís lair. A vicious later she and the creature were captured. Diaz was so afraid, he vowed never to fight such animals again. Wait til he sees his first New World bear!

Wanli wanted us next to defeat his Tartar guard. Francois did so easily after four others failed. Francois is now the champion of Wanli. But the emperor had one last task. We set out to sink a Cantonese Junk. We were boarded as company after company disgorged and topped our rails. Repulsing those blackhearts, we then counterboarded and took their vessel. The master stroke happened as Diaz hung upside down and fired his pistol into the enemy commander.

A deal secured w/ the Mandar, we headed north top find Cairo, determined to install our patron there as merchant prince. A slight navigator error took us into the La Bobine. Diaz again had the deciding role as acting commander. My memory may be failing, as I was hiding in my cabin through the maelstrom.

Cairo was found, but not before the Ladybug crashed on the rocks. We entered Cairo, rescued the patronís father, Carlos Piza, and agreed to take him back to Spain. Did one man really slay ten men by himself, saving us all from certain capture? No, though Diaz claims to have seen such courage from the champion of the emperor. We charged an artillery barricade; making this time a foot assault and proving there are no guns the Vert Valiant cannot capture. Diaz again was hero for the very act of surviving. (He had yet to take vicious, unlike eight of the last nine times.)

All we have left is to reach the cuneiform obelisk, we were told of this in Diazís dream. There we will learn the calendar for seasonal crossing of the La Bobine.

So much in this adventure passed so quickly. We attempt even greater and greater events.



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