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Cutlass 28 Feb


We finished up the climax encounters in Cairo, putting our guy on the throne there as merchant prince and learning a proper method to cross the La Bobine whirlpool ocean hazard. We now have a good trade path to our friends in Mandar. However, we are now notorious and hated by the Cantonese. You canít be nice all the time. Our next stop was to put an end to Machiavelli. However, we captured him for ransom, which we may regret. A master spy who can be aboard our ship at anytime is bound to appear again by encounters or mission twists. Did I mention a second player character took the double wound death?

Our next mission called for the Killer of Kit Marlowe. He was out this week, so an imposter took his place. We were sent to Netherlands to find and murder an adversary of the Fuggar Bankers. Hence they wanted to send the true assassin, but instead got a lying level zero. (She is proving to bring us good luck by Cutlass standards.)

We discovered that the dead man was visiting family in the Netherlands and was in fact the Major of the French Kingís Horseguards, a potent figure. We were given an additional 50,000 doons by the Bullingdon cartel, controllers of wine, to wreck the Dutch while we visited. Okay, Iím in.

We drafted the cover story that the Vert Valiant was visiting cities in our neighboring land to celebrate the Dutch involvement in defeating the Ottomans. We were warmly welcomed. As we partied and paraded, we were trying to search for the major, but mostly we delighted in the paid carnage.

At Ghent on the border, we destroyed the printing press creating the first newspaper in the Olde World. Headline Ghent, first newspaper bankrupt following attack by reformists? That would be us under guise. We also murdered a fairly moral mayor. Why not? And, we kidnapped a man reputed to be the finest sailor in the world. We wanted him to train (as our prisoner) crew on our flagship the Karlskrona. Lucky for us, we did not bring that ship to our next encounter. Out to sea in a leased galleon. Anyone check the guns or seaworthiness?

In Phase A, we were immediately attacked by the Dutch flagship, Rotterdam, trying to rescue the sailor Deperron. So being the best has allies? Good to know! We were outgunned and sadly outmatched, even w/ make-rolls akimbo. They hit our waterline, hit our mainmast, hit our cannons and boarded us. We lost fantastically and submitted to trail. We had been flying the plague warning flag as a ploy (extra ineffective barrage card) and continued the story. We said we fired a warning shot only to scare them off. We claimed Deperron was mistakenly taken by our press gang. From his own maritime academy? We needed a lordly lawyer to roll sixteen. At level one he used his only make-roll to get us released ashore. Convinced? There were no apothecary or physicians aboard, so how would we know we didnít have the rot? (I laughed.)

On to the next town, the capital Amsterdam. Were we even following clues to find the major? By now we settled in to just having fun. A gypsy said we were bound for good fortune. I believe one of the characters has bought the honorific of Gypsy Prince for a thousand doubloons.

At Amsterdam, we had three goals (to wreck the place). We need to murder a fair minded judge, burn the powder stores, and sink a cog we must first seize in the harbor then leave as an obstacle. We also had a minor goal to disturb the peace. We are Vert Valiant;, let the beer wave and rage. We had a local teach us Attract Fire, then headed to the judgeís manor. His door lock was nearly impossible to pick. He might have had security; he might have had sons (family). He had dogs.

Hazzah, a chance to use the table I just wrote. We were attacked by Rottweilers. One of us fled hysterically, almost suffering wound and knocking over the next in line. Hanging upside down (no, not really), Diaz shot one animal sleeping by the fire. We all thought that was a dick move.

The owner, the judge, came down in tears. I almost apologized, but considering I hanged five men for having better shoes than my own, I would not ďremorse for nigh.Ē The judge agreed to protect us (in court) if we let him live. He also said he would make bad decisions and convict innocent men. Okay, Amsterdam legal disrupted, what next?

Timeómore D&D foolishness of burning down inns to continue next week. By then I should polish those buckle shoes that donít fit me.



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