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Bajillion 3 Mar


Someone great once said, “It might be, but then again it might not.”

The enforcers were tasked by the Authority figure to restore food production. They headed out to one of the furthest places in Complex Left (or is it that right hall). There were other requests, but those were secondary to getting a nice burger grilled, served w/ slaw. That meal was only memories (for some).

In three preliminary encounters, the players met more of the defective clones. Defective being a relative term, the evil enforcers of Caw-Caw were being erased on orders of the Authority Figure, but many of their copies linger in the base. With complete trust of the Man in Command, the players headed out to salvage the wreck of the Agro Center.

To recap all missions villains:
CL#10 – Incomplete dossier: Sexual deviate psychotic, one of many?
CL#11 – Incomplete dossier: Unknown, never met.
CL#12 – T*mas de T*rquemada
CL#13 – C*untess Bath*ry
CL#14 – Incomplete dossier: Unknown, never met.
CL#15 – Ge*rge Armstr*ng Custer
CL#16 – Talat Pasha
CL#17 – Incomplete dossier: Man w/ disfigured face who thinks all life is meaningless, and therefore must die.
CL#18 – Heinrich Himmler
CL#19 – *sama bin Laden

A first near disaster happened as the Bakery was opened to the vacuum of space. The group survived w/ two early vicious. So much for buttered buns. The team got back on purpose and in order restored near working conditions to the Salmon Run, Slaughterhouse, Animal Husbandry, Hydroponics and even the Protein Vats (overkill the goals to boot). In as little as one growing cycle the boys might enjoy some bacon, eggs and grits. The flesh of thirteen dead orks seeded the next fresh pot.

What next? The map needed some corrections, but that was just linkboy-work (as Clone Nine would call it). There was a VIP to find and secure. The group was still thinking of VIP as a person. But by the end of this adventure they will know it as a “VI Portal.” The portal in this adventure went to Ancient Egypt. “Hey guys, I think we’re time cops.” A guess, educated, but only partially true. The water bottles the group had been drinking turned-out to be laced w/ LSD. What was real or imagined? Who cares, have we rolled dice in the last ten minutes? This time as Ref I kept the dicing vigorous.

The group shut down holograms, corrected bad code, overcame mind boggling puzzles, turned off and on sections of the Center, got the robots in shape, and the test of all tests (make-roll) killed another Archeologist. Bug goo splattered everywhere; into the protein vat it goes. Nearly thirty successful rolls were required to finish this three hour extravaganza.

If the base needs food, why not get some from the Nile farms? Of course, why did we almost die fighting the trench coat bugs for a bean that is drought tolerant and grows in freezing conditions, when we could just steal some grain from the silos of Pharaoh?

The enforcer team arrived (in the past, back to the future) and discovered Himmler was messing w/ timeline. Moses was being crowned Pharaoh. The consequences of that could be (they are) profound, starting w/ no Exodus.

A debate ensued, shoot Himmler or not shoot Himmler. Someone took the logical approach of saying, that some handouts (quite well crafted ones) had yet to used by the Ref. We could kill Himmler upon first discovery. But, we surely have to go to a lesser Menkaure Pyramid and kill him again.

How is that possible! He is a clone, of course, and there was one at court and one at the climax flow inside the pyramids. One of the players discovered he was the ancient Egyptian builder, Imhotep. Amazing coincidence. Too bad the man’s luck (and rolls) were not capable of providing any more insight. Boom goes the dynamite. The pyramid shaft opened and in went the delvers. The descent to chaos began.

The long and the short, in the end Himmler was slain. An enforcer base was captured. The VIP timed out; the portal back to the moon base. We’re all stuck. At least it’s a land w/ beer. How bad would it be to play god. I have an uzi; bring on the scented dancing girls. There was less moral debate on what next to do (then I as Ref might desire), but I attributed that to the understanding that this was all a dream. So where to next.

The naval man from the sailing era thought of a beverage and a moment later (or was it always there) one appeared. He found the drink too sweet, but it did prove a point. Time may be something the players too can manipulate. “I am Richthofen.” Correct, clone two, you are.

Clancy (Clone #04) finds a note on the Commander’s Stationary in that stateroom. The letter is written in his own handwriting, in French, it reads:

“Suspend your disbelief, by now I hope that is not so hard. Brother, you have questions. I certainly do. The universe is self correcting on large matters. Yet individual lives mean nothing, though perhaps a fine wine some day, again, will be crafted.
“The path to any answers lies in 1969 A.D. Do not be surprised to learn that calendars and dates are flexible. Gezer, Haida, Attic,…, I even experienced 3661 as our cold world turned to base eight, when everyone had three fingers and a thumb.
“Try explaining anno domini to a man who lives in a world that had no Romans, no Christ.
“Take one small step to create one giant leap.
“Set your chronometers to 1969 A.D. Hopefully, that great event stays true. The alternative is to resign yourself to oblivion.”

Damn, first we’re the source of all those ancient astronaut theories about the pyramids. Now we have to fake the moon landing? Being a time traveler sure is SyFy (channel fodder). See you next session to hijack NASA and return the enforcers to the moon.



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