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Other Things We Kinda' Learned


Meta-Gaming continues to work. (i.e. Red didn't make the chart unless he intended players to interact with it.) The attractive thing at the end is rarely the right answer.

While this seems cheesy, in the absence of knowledge one uses their intuition into the way the Universe works. Is Karma real? Well if it is for you, your decisions in life are informed by that. In the game universe, truth tends to be what the Referee created. Do that.

Julius Caesar cannot kill Julius Caesar. However, the clone of Julius Caesar can kill Julius Caesar.

History is somewhat pre-determined by factors outside our control. For example geography. Oceans and mountains prevent certain things from happening. which is to say, we can't completely bollix history.

WWI was not caused by an arch-duke being shot ... we may have assigned that moment, but if it wasn't that arch-duke, it would have been another.

As the statistician in Jurassic Park said, Life finds a way. (We can't end life in our Time Travel actions.)

When in doubt L'hopital it out. Or, in game turns, when you don't know anything, perturb the system ... hit something and see what happens. The currency of the game is the mechanics. Use them to find things out.

When stuck in over analysis and avoidance of a potential bad decision, realize that doing nothing gets you nowhere ... and it's boring. Hit something. (In the end, it's always Tony's fault so you can't go wrong.)

Now, that you've hit something, measure the result. Hitting two things tends to cause confounding information. Hitting something isn't necessarily progress but it allows you to make progress.

When you aren't sure what to do, break your options into distinct options and choose one. That's how the game universe works. You can go into Door 1 or Door 2. Generally, you can't go into door 1.5.

Assume the system is adiabatic (unless it isn't).

I'm still a bit lost on what is going on in Bajillion. We figured out a few more clones and we're lost in time (not a simulation of time).

Is it evolving to a time travel thing? Are we time cops?

Is there a grand plan? Not sure. Getting a handle on the mechanics will allow us to explore more.



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