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Q&D Grande Barrage Cards, pt 1-6


Grande Ship to Ship
This system integrates the Ship Traits into ship engagements. The event rolls are also widely distributed among the player masters. NPCs should use the standard barrage card resolutions. However, when using this table, the enemy does not take actions. Only in player failure will the enemy win the day and capture the players as a prize. “You’ll have to board me first!”
Inverted cards are Banes. Also, treated the card as a Bane if the Fleet Commander is of insufficient rank for the maneuver. Just like for Barrage Cards, compare the character’s level to the rank to the card. e.g. A level six would suffer additional banes for events Ten, Nine, Eight and Seven.
The desired result on the tables is VICTORY. That result has different meanings depending upon the engagement. Success means the barrage exchange has ended. One enemy ship may be considered sunk or boarded. Boarding is left as an option, in case the players desire a prize or the mission would be impacted by sinking a rival.
VICTORY only effects one enemy vessel. The players may be seeking a chance to escape. If any enemy are left in the battle, after victory, make one attempt for the players to outright evade the rest. Sometimes the battle must be entered again to destroy the next vessel in the enemy fleet. The table also has other outcomes, but only with VICTORY does the barrage exchange momentarily subside.
For every Barrage Card the enemy has above the player as Fleet Commander, subtract one from all player rolls. Or vice versa—if the players outmatch the enemy, they gain plus one to dice for each extra Barrage Card they have above the enemy. Keep track of this balance of enemy to player intrinsic Barrage Cards. This total sometimes adjusts inside the battle with the players gaining or losing the penalty.
If you do not have a designated character for the event listed in the position or his alternate, the Fleet Commander must assume the task and attempt the roll. However, if he must do so, he does not gain Multiple Attempt Bonus for his overall level. Keep your staff whole.
The Ref may also impose conditions of Critical Miss upon any player whose final roll is a deuce (2D8). This applies to the final roll, so someone with multiple attempt bonus is very unlikely to be effected. However, any critical miss should leave the player character knocked out in the subsequent engagement.
Additionally, the Ref may inflict a vicious wound, but only if the players know this before any event flip and resolution roll.
If the flagship suffers and winds up with all eleven Bad Traits, she’s lost. All hands will most likely drown. Even the players should roll Difficult as swimmers to make it to debris. The call to abandon ship should happen before this final barrage event. Players captured face Digression #R; those who escape in the debris use #A.
If a Flagship doesn’t have the Good Trait to lose, she will gain the Bad Trait of the same number. If the flagship’s loss repeats a Bad Trait present, select from the alternatives below:

I. Gun Shy substitute X. Corrupt
II. Plagued substitute VIII. Pestilent
III. Damaged substitute V. Disorderly
IV. Impressed substitute I. Gun Shy
V. Disorderly substitute II. Plagued
VI. Pyrate substitute III. Damaged
VII. Starving substitute IX. Cheated
VIII. Pestilent substitute VII. Starving
IX. Cheated substitute XI. Unruly
X. Corrupt substitute VI. Pyrate
XI. Unruly substitute IV. Impressed

The player may select the type of action, just like he would in Personal Duels:

Cups: Double Shot in broadsides; best chance for VICTORY.
Rods: Chain shot; best chance for positive die modifiers.
Coins: Cannonade, fire at will; generally the easiest rolls.
Swords: Canister-Grape; best chance to gain bonus if boarding later.

There are some restrictions. The player’s level should be above the enemy’s; else let the suit decide events. The events themselves may flair and limit the options. The player may be instructed that his next event will be solely one particular suit.



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