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Cutlass 7 Mar


We continued our mission of causing strife in the Netherlands by aggressively celebrating Vert Valiant. Actually we were searching for the king’s guard major whom seduced Bailey’s much beloved bride. Okay, we were breaking things with relish.

The magazine of Amsterdam was raided. The outing seemed to be going poorly, until the fight was turned around by an overkill of grenades. People were being KO’ed but no wounds yet. Spoke too soon, down went the Killer of Kit Marlowe. The son was higher level anyway.

We next boarded a docked Cog and rattled the crew by tossing gunpowder bombs. Our party boat was sunk in the channel with instruction by François to Mal de Merd-a-din. I believe grenades were employed. There was some discussion of where directly to place the explosives, but no one had to panic swim to safety.

We set out for Artois, the next city in our parade, after we heard that the man of our quest goal, Lennert, left for there. So why is it that when given a choice to bend a man’s finger or hand him a player coin purse, we seem to be losing coins? Drinks on the Vert Valiant at Cowslip. Diaz and all are rich, but coins versus the painful lesson to answer us truthfully? Is there a lesson Diaz must learn (to get Inquisitionist).

On the road we were met by our second patron, the wine cartel. The agent suggested we take more lives. Say again? Let me be clear, hurt people more. Okay, lesser men are even more ruthless than us? The agent was reminded that he gives advice to the killer of Kit Marlow. Oh yeah, he wasn’t. Chip was nursing a vicious back home. But one of us is a Corsair! Show some respect, sir.

We disrupted an enemy sent to stop us on the road, Sir Utder of Artois (level five Lordly, Dashing), by first knocking out his minions w/ grenades; he was then wrestled down. He fetched 5K ransom from his dear father. His father turns out was not a Carpathian, and we in fact sold the man to a vicious cabal as a future bartering chip. Oh well, not me, not my cause. We were told to slay more. Would Utder be better off if we had? I hear screams from a country over.

We made it to Artois and discovered the town was celebrating ahead of our arrival. The Mayor, Jansen, offered greetings and gifts. He told us that Lennert left the city under arrest, caged in Bruges. Mayor Jansen asked that we celebrate outside the city. Our reputation from breaking things was spreading. We were asked to dine w/ a noble duchess. There she taught us valuable tricks to load pistols. However, her goal was to get us to invest in a new commodity (timeshare), to which many of the lower level sorts jumped at the chance. Diaz declined. The investments (thousands of ducats) were lost by anyone who intended to profit. Many a lesson was checked (Ignobly).

As for the gifts, most were fine gold, frankincense, Cogs. Some were of lesser value than first appraised. Two members thought the risk was too high to accept stranger gifts and have them delivered to home. (The players also guard their email from spammers.) The fraud did not come to pass, but the Ignobles for caution were nobly earned.

Off to the last place, Burges—We approached the city by the fields, only to cross the camp of a regiment. We all fled for our lives, only to escape when grenades were employed. That and many of our party followers sacrificed themselves for Diaz. The city itself was entered by a crumbled wall. Diaz’s swaggering was sorely tested. He was not the combatant he once thought he was. We needed a drink, before hunting for Lennert; caution wasmostly abandoned, though we knew we should stay sober. A vicus is an easier thing when inebriated. What’s that, you say, Lenenrt is back in France, a hero of the King? Did we fail our quest? No, an agent of the patron told us that Lennert had paid his debt of sixteen shillings. A fine laugh bellowed from my companions (Battle Born players all.)

The coins Diaz bribed by surrendering his purse at the Cowslip tavern, the coins Mal de Merd-a-din exchanged for passage on the road to Bruges, both far exceeded what was owed by the man we hunted to kill!

The cuckold Bailey still felt aggrieved. We took out our drunken aggression on constables. We now know Lennert is not to be found here, but we can help our second patron by wrecking three fine places of four suggested in Bruges. The dock, naval prison, warehouses and music hall await our arrival (and the tossed grenades).

As we concluded for the evening, an historic cannon was recovered from the siege armory, a place abandoned by the Bruges guards as their city desends into chaos. The relic from the Dutch armory will be received w/ great love by our French King. If that is, we can haul it back to Paris.

To be continued,….

Here are the actual conditions of the gifts:
25 muskets (250db); these antique hand cannons worth 25db.
35 pistols (350db); fine craftsmanship
40 kegs powder (120db); worthless fireworks quality
4 demiculverine (600db); two cracked
50 mixed race Ethiopian slaves (500db); diseased-sickly, need medicine
3 Standard Cogs, 25 tn (225db); okay
1 Great Cog, 500 tn (1000db); stripped bare, no masts-sail
5 loads linen (100db); good
7 loads wine (70db); better than expected 155db
½ load copper ingots (16db); as listed
1/3 load teak (33db); as listed
40 cutlass (100db); rusted dull, need Tinker
chest peppercorn (2000db); 80% cotton wadding
20 loads salt (100db); as listed
16 warhorses (640db); rider-scout quality 300db
25 falconettes-swivel guns (250db); as listed
3 sets tailored mast cloth (120db); as listed
1 fine grenade, shaped as a golden peacock (11db)



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