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Tipper Gore Reborn


So school killings are now the fault of violent games? Despite behavioral science to the contrary, the results don't match lawmaker's bias.

Rep. Vicky Hartzler (Missouri) “Even though I know there are studies that have said there is no causal link, as a mom and a former high school teacher, it just intuitively seems that prolonged viewing of violent nature would desensitize a young person,” she said.

So I say, even though I know there are no studies that you, Maam, have your head firmly shoved up your rectum, as a writer and game designer of violent content, I seem to intuitively think you suffer from that prolonged desensitized condition. I further add, Missouri should be ashamed she elected you as her representative. Oh, sorry, I forgot you can't hear me, cause your head is buried in the sand. By sand, I mean your rectum.

All scientists know that random shootings are from a lack of bowling leagues. I read that somewhere, maybe Journal of Hollywood Medical Theory.



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