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Cutlass 14 Mar


We finished breaking the spirit of the Dutch by sending Bruges into chaos. The Vert Valiant shall not be denied grog. Our original mission to find Lennart of the Kingís Horseguards had ended prematurely. We headed home after accidentally drowning the dockmaster, distributing the winterís stores of food to the poor of the city (ensuring a riot) and releasing all the prisoners from the naval prison. We even have a cannon of legend, an artifact of a bygone age. What did we do with that? After such and such, an easy trip home, one lost finger on someone, whose name changes oftenóEncounters seem to be going well.

Our next mission began to find the Pepper People and their healing pool. An old rival, Ben Jonson, returned to our quest group. In a vision, doubted by some of the party, Jonson says that Mary showed him the pool in a dream. Two naval explorers jumped at any excuse to find a new world. The rest were less convinced. There were seven Marys mentioned in the NT, and Ben was unsure which saintly lady guided him.

Ben also related how he was blinded by Wallace Wallenstein, a merchant of timber from Bavaria. As part of his penance for reformed ideals, he embraced his punishment with a divine fury. Yes, he is quite mad, but not by Cutlass low standards. Ben is an invalid, but he did paint a lovely map swirl to chart us to our goal. A childrenís finger painting had more definition. So we follow the mad to a divine end. Wait, isnít the divine end what awaits us all (at death)?

No time for philos, Iím off to raise a fleet. We had Benís old Galleass, the Ramís Horn, badly in need of everything. Plus we had some extra Cogs from previous endeavors in Artois. We were almost ready for a winter sailóbad idea--except our mission (multiparted) was thwarted by lack of tall masts. Worse the Karlskrona, our flagship had a sabotaged main mast. Rather than head on with lowered speed, we headed to Bavaria to find out why mast timber was so tasking to find.

Back and forth, the encounters on the road brought some small mischief. Most of my companions were less traveled (read alts). I spent a battle in a ditch unconscious; another man fell atop me for my protection. We reached the climax, and our run of good luck lapsed.

Few of us spoke German. We tried various abilities at bishopís court, but could only muster two successes our of four deeds. I for one could not properly entertain one of the maids I met at the dinner gathering; she found my swordstroke quite irregular. I watched in agreement as proper French sternness was applied to a bastard child of the bishop. Germans are too kind a people. The child require no more doctoring than I had six other times. The whole affair devolved into a pie fight. I fond of not the Bavarian Provolone and offended the chef, when I asked for a good French Camembert. We did hear Wallenstein admit his claim to timber was a monopoly. He bragged of his mercantile acumen. I understood little, speaking no German.

Our next attempt, having failed to secure intervention by the Bishop of Cologne, was assault. We faced three to one odds; bring on the fight. We are Vert Valiant. We had a week earlier routed a cavalry company. This time we were routed by that same group and faced trial before the rival. Digression #R, one die eight w/ one in four chance of death! One man escaped, thought to be too insignificant to even maim. That unpleasant event went to another. I was released for a fine high 3k ransom. One was sold to slavers; one was held in dank dungeon. Two more recanted loyalty to Jonson, especially after being told Wallenstein had never been to Vatican City, never met our patron, Jonson. This whole affair a lie, an excuse to break the embargo on timber. Why would Wallenstein want to injure a reformist; he himself hates papists? An odd admission for a man, whose cartel farms Church lands.

We underwent side missions to pay the ransom, free the galley slave and release the prisoner. Next week we will try to raid the timberlands and cut our own masts. Else, gut our patron to honor the memory of Papa Pierre and take the Timber cartel as out leader. Who better to control timber at home and at large then a reformist who control it now? I think I shall pledge still one more oath and stay true to may past of never keeping a promise. Served me well as a Picaroon.

Til next week when we find out whoís in charge. I do believe it is me, Diaz, Explorer without equal, the man who charted the cyclones, crossed the Le Babine, reached Mandar, and soon will enslave the elusive Pepper People.

Courtly Graces
Attract Fire: Argue loudly a case of theology by flustering and humiliating an adversaryís quiet arithmetic logic. Difficulty: 8 Automatic Reload: Perform duties of a retainer holding a matchlock during a bird shoot. Difficulty: 9
Bettor Valor: Hold your tongue and actions, when reprimanded by a capricious royal. Difficulty: 11
Charismatic Style: Dance with the king's mistress before the court. Difficulty: 9 Chiasmic Action: Survive a dinner service, which digresses into a food fight. Difficulty: 10
Daring Pistol Fire: Protect a bishop from a ranterís attack. Additionally, fail roll by more than four, and stand trial as the accused in his death (Digression #J). Difficulty: 11 Disarming Blow: Fend off the assault of a royal child, wielding an ornamental weapon. Additionally, fail roll by more than eight and stand trial for the tykeís murder (Digression #J). Difficulty: 12 Effective Spurning: Win a horse race to gain favor. If player is not an Equestrian, Difficulty increases by four. Difficulty: 10 Feigns: Get an ambassador at court to arrogantly reveal his state's intentions. Difficulty: 14
Flamboyant Moves: Attract the attention of an influential patron with an exaggerated strut and standing pose. Difficulty: 15 Gesticulate Garment: Impress the court with your elegant bow. Difficulty: 8 Heroic Swordplay: Reenact a legendary battle with a troupe of thespians. Difficulty: 12 Hilt Punch: Best a drinking braggart with a missed toast tap, pint-cross, to the jaw. Difficulty: 10 Irregular Swordstrokes: Entertain a lady in waiting with an array of dexterous talents. Difficulty: 6 Oriental Pummeling: Discipline an unruly child ward and teach the kid some manners. Additionally, fail roll by more than six and stand trial for murder (Digression #J). Difficulty: 14 Repartee: Win a battle of humor and sophistry. Difficulty: 13 Seize Swordarm: Keep an ally from drawing a dagger to issue a challenge on a dangerous antagonist. Difficulty: 12 Tenacious Pistol Fire: Demonstrate your marksmanship on tourney day. Difficulty: 15 Uncontested Dagger Thrust: Quietly handle a lesser antagonist, as he excuses himself to visit the privy. Difficulty: 10 Wrestling Holds: Prove your prowess in a non-lethal match. Additionally, fail roll by more than eight and fall with a vicious wound. Difficulty: 13



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