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Cutlass 21 Mar


We began by putting to siege Wallenstein’s estates. With the acclaim of the Vert Valaint, we raised an army, mostly rabble. The siege could take several years, so we decided to try to follow rumor and hunted for cut masts in the Bavarian Weald.

Two of our former companions, Francois and Leon, had already switched to rival’s side. We raised three companies of choice lads (rabble) and hunted the woods. We first met a horsed mercenary group and defeated them. We captured Helmut von Bismark for a third time, took his boots and handkerchief, set him out yet again as the failure he is.

We traveled and found a lumber yard w/ beams being cut for a cathedral’s construction in Tours, France. Instead of taking the easy path and burning the lumber for an advantage (smoke and confusion), we tried to have it all. A short time later, caught in briars and tracked by lumberjacks w/ dogs, we were all caught and recanting Jonson. The siege was lifted; promises were broken. All heroes suffer setbacks.

We now serve Wallenstein. The tree cartel will control the sale of mast timber in the Olde and in any sources of New World discovery. So be it. I took yet another knife to the shoulder, so I will serve anyone. Nine scars is more than enough for one man in a lifetime.

We outfitted a new vessel, the Ram’s Horn, and set course west. The new world awaited. First obstacle, return to Mandar. The Karlskrona helped as an escort ship. We also fitted some falconettes onto our Cogs. We were ready for anything at sea.

Sadly, the first major encounter was ashore. We were duped into thinking a man aboard was a lost prince of Yazid. Because we had met such figures before, we were too trusting. The Chief of the Martyrs Hussein, Admiral Ali Viet, of Jawzi was not impressed by our credentials. He sent his hand picked men to capture us. We all barely escaped. Francois rescued us all. Our luck was again faint.

Going ashore for fresh water proved almost my death, as I was caught in a flash flood. I had just removed the bandages from that houndsman of Weld’s dirk, as I watched Wildemoon save two dozen men, including a drowning me. Yes, I can swim, just not through whitewater rapids and over a waterfall. My lungs may never fully heal – vicious le dix!

At Mandar we heard our friend, Dominicus, needed aid. We continued onto Cairo and found the place under siege by Fatimah. We attacked and lifted that siege in short order. Well, not me. I was aboard the plague ship Southseas, nursing my wheeze.

Now we are faced w/ grim decisions. Should we continue east to uncharted spaces? Even as we have lost as an expedition our commander and our chronicler, our senior officer half the acclaim of her fallen confederates?

1. Fleet Le commandant Leon (NPC)
2. Fleet Navigateur Moridin
3. Fleet e’Sclaver NPC Jubal the Ethiopian
4. Fleet Chroniqueur Diaz (NPC)
5. Flagship’s Pilote NPC Dieago (Spanish)
6. Flagship’s Master Gens d'armes Wildemoon II
7. Flagship’s Master Fusilier NPC Helmut Bismark (Bavaria)
8. Flagship’s Intendant Henri la Tombe
9. Flagship’s Master des Voiles Harman Boleyn
10. Flagship’s Master Couteau François
11. Flagship’s Pasteur NPC Julian (Lichtenstein)
12. Flagship’s Grognon NPC S.T. Coleridge
13. Fleet Scapegoat, Leon (NPC)
Unassigned: Bailey, Wishard, Chip Wildemoon, Alain, Mal de Merd-a-din

Next week, of course, head out into uncharted waters west of Mandar. We even suspect that attempt to reach the Pepper People is doomed to fail. Why? Because there is already a climax chart in Epic Table for Voyages West!



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