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Diary Entry, Bajillion Ways to Die


After studying the Phenomenon for several months, I have uncovered nothing definitive. I honestly admit all my hypothesis have proven flawed. The orifice is as inconsistent as our own reality. I can make general predictions on the way the Phenomenon will react to stimuli, but as if the thing itself is trying to be contrary, what happens once, twice, ten times, will suddenly never occur again, or result in erratic data, only to return to the norm.

I started by using a set of trial and error criteria. From these tests I have discovered that some elements within the body of the portal are mutable. I separated these in two class types: Hard Resources (=) and Societal Forces (+).

Truly, the second class, Societal Forces, was much harder to distinguish. My mind easily comprehended the addition of, say, harvestable timber. By increasing that quotient on that test area, I observed vast areas of desert converting into arboreal forests. Yet, only after much consultation with my colleagues was I able to find distinction between changes in aspects we by consensus labeled Duty & Honor or Serenity. Some changes manifest within the very nature of the bipeds living inside the globe of the Phenomenon.

There was measurable aspects of the concept of Roads & Trade, but only after much debate did we settle on labels for potentiometers stimulating the concepts Arcane Craft and Vitality Conduits. Again, our labels. The whole simulation is fascinating, completely alien, yet stimulating. But unlike a computer model, there appears to be a real planet being manipulated. I had second thoughts on my participation. Elements of our testing, some might call it rough play, turned darkly sinister.

When we experimented by introducing the stimulii Abominable Notions, we reacted with pure titillation. One of the test crew compared the result to watching a scary movie. Yet, only over time did I begin to suspect that pushing elements in the Phenomenon was actually changing parts of our own reality. We, however, could not be sure. There was no benchmark to gauge the changes in ourselves or our lives. We anecdotally noticed events in history becoming more dominate in records. But other well-known events were still present. I just felt that aspects of modern society seemed different in small ways. Though there is not complete agreement, the Phenomenon --some call my speculation hysteria--seems in my opinion to exhibit godly control of our own lives. As we play supreme being in this unusual realm behind the Phenomenon, there may be forces within that dimension that are reflecting back. I am alone among the group of researchers to suggest the contested place has fought back against our whimsy.

I suggest the device be sealed, and all research be abandoned for a period of ten years to let any oscillation we have created settle. As I begin my leave of absence, my diary upgrades to Top Secret. A digest of the potentiometers is included in appendix. I might add on a personal note, that I began once again going to Church; I fear we may have already disturbed some universal force or some unknown creature that is now angry and vengeful. May our own God save us all from damnation.

Thirty Potentiometers
Abominable Notions +
Arcane Craft +
Automation =
Bio-Diversity +
Catalysts for Upheaval =

Chemicals =
Cosmic Will +
Duty & Honor +
Education +
Elder Wisdom +

Food & Survival =
Forestation & Rainfall =
Genius Density +
Government Stability +
Industrialization =

Justice & Liberty +
Magical Energy =
Motive & Eccentric Logic +
Predators & Threats =
Raw Minerals =

Renewable Energy =
Roads & Trade +
Population & Urbanization +
Serenity +
Star Matter =

Tasteful Refinement +
Territory =
Timber Harvest =
Vitality Conduits =
Weaker Organism =

Anyone care to twist a knob, Enforcers?



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