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Cutlass 4 Apr


North, north against the waves – we crossed paths w/ Cantonese Pyrate-Explorer fleet, the Oblivion. Commanded by Qin Dho, brother of the disgraced Qin Jo, we knew the buccaneer would be howling for our disgorged hearts. We convinced his armada captains to accept the release of 700 Asian prisoners for free passage ahead. We were a peaceful mission to find a sacred isle.

We located the sacred isle and were swarmed by Borneo savages. Twenty-seven interactions later, five of six unconscious, we stood as victors. Every stratagem seemed to be employed against the mob. The aftermath! Enslave the lot, push them into the holds for later sale. 80,000 Dbs, they would eventually fetch in Spain.

Do you wish to see your fate in the crystal or let chance prevail? The fates were crappy. We choose chance and headed right back into Qin Dho. After three injuries, that pyrate’s life was ended. Home we headed home starved, diseased and ill temperate, but alive. The Ram’s Horn proved a fine fleet ship.

Wallenstein, our patron, informed us that Kleef had a modified Galley they intended to launch to cross the Divine Becalm. Hazzah, more carnage. We must find the Pepper People first. The three ships of Kleef would sail from three separate dry docks. We would defeat each in succession? As we fired on the first one intercepted, our gunners strangely told us we should not sink the sleek design. We boarded only to find ourselves betrayed. We counter boarded back onto the Karlskrona, fighting to quell the mutiny. Reckless actions were needed to succeed. Then we fought our way across our own vessel and defeated the Serbia leader of those dogs. Many would hang. Our diminished ship will continue; this time no excuses, the galleys of Kleef will be sunk.

That and they will become our allies for part four, assuming we get past the rest of the encounters and climax of part three. Taking a week off. Many of the players are at two-rolls via level, a good place to be.



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