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Cutlass Fleet


I was honking around with some Cutlass stuff and I wondered what ships might cost (on our way to the New World)

Attached is my spreadsheet. I think I have it Red version compatible. (No Spreadsheet on Web)
•Cog: 263 DB
•Caravel: 1,357 DB
•Galleass: 4,809 DB
•2 Deck Galleon: 5,988 DB
•3 Deck Galleon (Man O War): 11,921 DB
•Pyrate Special: 19,743 DB (What one might ask for)

I added a few things that would not normally be in the cost. For example, I added a lockbox and put some gold in it.

I put the wages for the sailors, soldiers, and officers for 6 months in the cost.

I added the cost of powder and shot as a separate line item.

Of course if one was going to purchase a vessel the price would be factored by the wear (say up to 50% of the infrastructure would be removed) and the availability (could double the cost).

As the text suggests, you could buy it with a chest of gold but likely you would just be buying it from the person guarding the ship. (So, say 50% of the cost.) (With the owner chasing you down later.

Now, if one was going to the new world, you might select your fleet from the ship types:

Cog: Slow Vessel for hauling goods.
Galleass: Sail and Oar vessel typically for rivers and coast lines. (Not ideal for exploration due to the mouths to feed.)
Galleon: Deep Sea Vessel
Caravel: Fast Ships. Light Crew. Not much boom boom.

I'm thinking you have one of two strategies:

(1) One fast group that would find the new world and return. Carry no resources to exploit your find.
Example: 1 x 2 Deck Galleon for your punch and 2 Caravels for speed.

(2) A large fleet with a Vanguard and Main Body.
Vanguard 1 x 2 deck flag ship with 2 x Caravels as Vanguard. Path Find the obstacles.

Man fleet - 6 Cogs with 1 2 deck galleon as protection. Slow but carrying supplies. Could be cannibalized if needed.

Option 1: 10K for ships and probably another 10K for bonus, provisions, planning. (Could go more if say you wanted to over gun your caravels.

Option 2: 20K for shops and probably another 25K for bonus, provisions, planning.

This would give you the ability to build forts, claim land, etc. One could do it on the cheap but I think we can find a patron who would pony up 45K Doubloons. (Didn't we make 80K doubloons on our last mission?)

Of course, you risk twice the resources with not much chance for finding the new world.

Thought this might amuse. (Probably should put it into the Cutlass Tool).

Could one of you smooth talkers start working on the various Monarchs to get this deal underway.


   Planning Conrad

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