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Krypton -- No ... Expanse ... Still Boring


Aside from the continued offensive casting of the shows, they continue to be ....


Actors not interesting and not even interesting to look at. Oh look, more black clothes ...ooh cool ... Fonzzzzz!!!!

As a fan of all things Superman for 45+ years, I turned off Krypton after an episode and a half and removed it from the DVR. Apparently they made it from Shite Kryptonite.

I watched an episode of Expanse from the new season. Boring story, boring actors, tired clichés, semi-interesting physics special effects ... stupid stupid stupid actual physics but interesting to watch (please look up what acceleration means if you want to know where forces get generated).

Humans living on a tissue thin existence still getting upset because "they looked at me funny".

I know it must be cheaper to hire people to write big bold copy on the commercials than ... you know ... actual bother with the product ... but ... damn ... watch the commercials and skip the show.

Where is my copy of Farscape?


   Sci Fi Conrad

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