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The Items for the Trip across the Sea


This is the list that was picked individually (can't change these items):

xxx Axheads-Tools
Barded Warhorses
xx Biscuits-Salt Pork
xxx Beer-Brandy kegs
x Books-Bibles
x Charity Blankets
xx Colonists-Yeoman
xx Conquistadors (Brutes)
Electrum Ingots (Bankers)
Embroidered Linens
Ethiopian Slaves
xxxxx Forge-Coal (Smiths)
x Iron Ingots
Javelins-Darts (Fletchers)
xx Kennel-Dogs
x Marble-Brick
x Military Bombard
xxx Missionaries
xxx Plows-Oxen
x Prisoners
Sapping Siege Gear
xxxx Seed-Swine
Silver Plated Utensils
xx Sulfur-Saltpeter
xxx Tenting-Carts
x Wedgewood Ceramics
xxx Whale Oil
xx Wire Spools
x Wool Yarn

We had, as a group, the option to add 16 new items. This is the proposed list:
xxxx Barded Warhorse
xxx Helms - Corsets
xx Sapping Siege Gear
x (Now 2) Military Bombardment

x Chickpeas
xx Ethiopian Slaves
x Embroidered Linens
x Silver Plated Utensils
x Electrum Ingots

==Did Not Have==
Javelins - Darts

Thoughts follow as responses.


   Cutlass Conrad

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