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Cutlass 18 Apr


Yes, we took a week off. We also had a new player join us. We made him feel at home by giving his level zero NG a vicious and then a vicious. Seemed like the bum-luck struck in a pair of successive card flips. Truly nasty combo, which would have hurt someone of serious level had we not had fresh meat on the lazy-susan. After that the same guy (new character) took two ships in succession at Engage Commander, including a rare Bane result for the win attack. Tallyho. Now if we can just get his dice to show in chat?

So what happened, last we left? The Karskrona had suffered mutiny and allowed one of three special galleys we desired to capture to this time escape. More of that followed. As the phase blinked all over, we got a second chance to capture Gera Eka’s ship. Done! Then we faced the Lord High Mayor Jaderberg’s galley. Defeated! Then on to the galley of the world’s best Shipwright, Cardinal Emilio Sfondrati. No wait, did I skip one small battle?

We hit a Knave and the flagship of Kleef lumbered out to blast us apart. Thor, the finest ship in the Olde World. Dare we attack? We faced a five deck galleon with a very high level captain, elite crew, all the ribbons. They shot three times ineffectually, before we got our first shot. By ineffectually, I mean they killed about a hundred-fifty of our guys. We boarded them when we shredded their sails. We attacked and fought and parried and advanced. One man’s command in Traverse Deck gave us the AID we needed to cancel the die penalties. We won. We captured the flagship of kleef. How? I believe it defies descriptions. I will just drop in the text.

Bane Five Brash: hold out an official looking badge or writ of authority, demanding the enemy cease their unlawful hindrance of your passage. Fail and fall with a vicious wound. Optional, difficulty may be raised to eleven, and upon success means all the enemy flees your ploy and needs to seek further instruction. Difficulty: 5 Advantage: Forger

There was a campaign event where the King of France quarrels w/ King of Carpathia. That will be resolved in Mission Thirteen. We are still stuck in part three of twelve. There was also a challenge. A lord captain fought Francois. Francois pulled his pistol, shot at a line securing a mast yard. The line broke; the mast swung,…, One of our own was killed. But, we then tackled the lord captain of Kleef as he laughed at our tomfoolery.

All sides (in mission twelve) set to parley. Much was discussed. But what I remember most is a physician describing all the veins in the throat, which can be severed. Then the same character talked of the many poisons and what they do to ones internal humors. Then he shot a man in the face to demonstrate the obvious, that a heavy lead slug at low velocity will ruin a person’s smile. Indeed.

We properly enticed a deal. Wallenstein, Jonson and Eka are our three patrons, two of three travel with us. We head out to the new world in the Ram’s Horn and with eight support Galleys. We will row as Marco DaVinci did across the Becalm Divine. Outside deals were made with brokers for axes and coal. (Both interesting choices.) The Church has representatives in the expedition as well as the famous Bullingdon blue ceramics. We have plenty of horses, because we would never forget horses, right?

We have everything an expedition could use, except maybe glassware and javelins. We may be seeking a fountain of youth, but we have no glassware to bring any of the elixir home? That is desired.

We want men to follow our discovery and fill the colony that we plan to establish. That and we want a source of timber that grows tall and strong without splits. The Pepper People are rumored to have all anyone could desire. (Ignobles?) With four forges, we can blow our own glass.

Now do we want to meet heathens first or the Japanese? Heathens, first and last, not the samurai (ever).



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