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Q&D Equitorial Nord


Enter a section of ocean which oscillates between periods of no breeze and periods of thunderstorms. Players rotate actions during the calm, the thunderstorm or then terrible waves.

All players receive one event on the table. Major Tarot apply but do not count as the event. A good time to protect the make-roll. After all players receive one roll, the navigator and pilot each may roll Tasking to escape. If not by either, another set of events follows. Then test Ordinary, for one last set of damage.

Note, if a player takes a vicious and continues with his alt, he too will take an event on this table before conclusion.

Any King: Shake-off your desire to hasten the progression of events. Fail your roll, and you and one other player of your choosing receive an Irregular Bane. Inverted, all receive the Irregular Bane upon failure. Difficulty: 11 Advantage: Cunning
Any Queen: The men grow fearful in anticipation of meeting the storm and Davy Jones face-to-face. Fail roll and crew of one ship is demoralized. The entire twenty crew must be moved to Ram’s Horn and swapped for sailors from all others. (The net effect will take two crew from all galleys and four from flagship.) The player captain is made scapegoat. Sink a empty galley if required. Inverted, and all must make this roll; that could result in the support ships dropping two marines per failed roll. Lots of people may end up convalescing or impressed. Difficulty: 12 Advantage: Lordly
Any Knight: Resist your impulse to scream useless orders at anyone to mask your sweat sweetened fears. Fail and lose one Skill of your choice or all your Swaggering. This result is permanent. Inverted, the roll may not be attempted with make-roll. Difficulty: 7 Advantage: Captain-Pilot
Any Knave: You are knocked overboard in the storm and presumed drown. During the next ebb, your floating body is pulled from the sea. The crews of all ships believe you are a demonic tempest. Become scapegoat, and your captaincy has already gone to a beloved NPC (Eka if possible). All players further rolls in the Nord suffer a minus one penalty. Option to duel NPC to reclaim your ship; Calculated then half D8 Brash Bane, until victory or death.
Any Ten: Hold on for dear life as the ship tilts ninety degrees and shovels water. If character is a skilled Sailor, Difficulty decreases by three. Fail and cast overboard. Next player’s event is a Nine trying to save you. If that other person then fails, Digression #A. Inverted, all players must attempt this roll. Difficulty: 14 Advantage: Stout
Any Nine: Steer a rocking path past the crashing waves (to pursue a man overboard as required). Man is rescued, regardless, but perhaps at a grave price. Fail and one ship is lost. If character is a Navigator, Captain-Pilot or Trait Dashing, reduce roll by three for each. This result could effect multiple players. Make first attempt, then let each saved character roll to risk his ship to save the next character overboard. Difficulty: 16 Advantage: Sailor
Any Eight: Comfort a companion in the Hold who complains of evil chills. Announce who is sick. Fail and that player character of your choice receives a Vicious wound. Inverted, everyone must attempt this roll. Difficulty: 11 Advantage: Physician
Any Seven: Shore up the masts, reduce the sheets, tighten the yards, batten down the hatches. Roll twice and apply one roll for self safety and one for the stricken vessel. Success first roll to avoid losing ship; second roll is avoiding vicious injury. For each skill Brawler, Shipwright and Trait Stout, reduce Difficulty by two. Inverted, everyone makes this roll for himself and his ship. Difficulty: 10 Advantage: Sailor
Any Six: Stop a dislodged barrel from tumbling and crashing into a precious stack of goods. Fail and choice: take vicious or lose one cargo item (choice). If an item implies people, like Colonists or Fletchers, Difficulty is reduced by six. Inverted, choose a second ship to also receive this bad result. Difficulty: 14 Advantage: Dashing
Any Five: Hold is full of salt water. Ref decides what (if any) of your cargo stores is potentially damaged or drown. Animals yes, men no except if card inverted, then yes-yes. Roll Difficulty to save each item placed in jeopardy. However, the Difficulty roll increases by one for each, so choose the order carefully. Inverted, a second player of your choice also suffers this penalty. Difficulty: 11 Advantage: Merchant
Any Four: Feel invigorated by this encounter. Success and gain any Trait, pair of skills, or eight Swaggering of your choosing; eleven improvements are possible. If this event is selected a second time in the Nord hazard, treat as an Ace instead. Rolls to improve are made separately; stop at the first failed result. The Difficulty roll increases by one for each, so choose the order carefully. Inverted, a half D8 players, optionally, may gain this event, but only if the player decides he’s not one of them. Difficulty: 7 Advantage: Social Rank 8+
Any Three: Any and all cargo items, which have a human element, like Colonists, Conquistadors and Fletchers, ask for compensation or pledge loyalty to another. Roll each in order. The Difficulty roll increases by one for each, so choose the order carefully. Move the disgruntled to new ships as able or use them first for other player losses or coverage. Player may also toss one group overboard in the storm and make a point to the rest; lose one group at random and skip all other rolls. Inverted, lose a D8 marines as well to another. Difficulty: 9 Advantage: Briber
Any Two: Lightning! Same as rolling bones for your life w/ Uncle Chestnut. Fail roll and fall w/ vicious wound. Inverted, all players must attempt this roll. Difficulty: 12 Advantage: Cards-Dice
Any Ace: Survive your part in the storm, for the moment, though you thought you saw a dead relative beckoning you to jump overboard. All remaining players roll at minus one penalty. Inverted, penalty is minus three.

Magician: Flagship is leaking below decks. The patch needs a dry dock. Add Bad Trait III. Damaged.
High Priestess: Option to leave Nord at the exact point where it was entered. No other events will result, unless the players choose to return.
Empress: The commander becomes the scapegoat.
Emperor: Flagship crew is badly shaken; add Trait I. Gun Shy.
Pope: Move the player or NPC at position vicar up a D8 positions. All others cascade down one. Yes, this may leave the wrong skilled characters in certain roles.
Lovers: For the remainder of these tables, as one player takes his action, the last one to act also suffers the card and will share the event.
Chariot: Crew demands changes, whether they get them or not. Add Bad Trait V. Disorderly (Reluctant).
Justice: Flagship’s marines are in a foul mood. They demand all their pay and then some. Add Bad Trait IX. Cheated.
Hermit: Flagship’s crew fears an ill-omen. Then all the rats from the bilge run forth on deck. Willies! Plus gain Bad Trait VIII. Pestilence.
Wheel of Fortune: Return to Alpha, Delta or Lambda isles if known. Reshuffle and continue.
Force: Every barrel of water on the flagship now tastes like its tainted w/ rum. Add Bad Trait XI. Unruly.
Hangman: Weather is most foul, indeed, but it also blows with a sour smell downwind of the flagship crew. Add Bad Trait II. Plagued.
Death: Stores have become infested with crabs and spoiled with poisonous urchins. Add Bad Trait VII. Starving.
Temperance: Selecting player character disappears; go to your alt. The lost man will not leave his locked cabin for the remainder of the mission, until the Epilog. If the adventure seems exceedingly long, Ref may decide melancholy man starves in his berth. Is that enough to make you quit and go home? Leading player decides, but when will you ever get this chance again.
Devil: Flagship crew is struck by the brevity of life and feels a empowering change of purpose is needed. Add Bad Trait VI. Pyrate.
Tower of Destruction: Stowaway appears ranting and raving. Fight Olof Purse, starting with a Duel Bane. His four traits make his DM an eight; plus he ignores knock outs and forced flees. At injury, he will be tossed overboard, presumed drown.
Moon: The crew of the flagship is near mutiny and will not continue if called to vote. Add Bad Trait IV. Impressed.
Star: Player has the option to expend any and all of his own cargo to restore appropriate traits on the flagship. For instance, cure Starving with chickpeas. If none are used, at least one is not expended, then become scapegoat from fleet crews think you’re hoarding.
Sun: Ships escape and reach the Phi Isles. This place should be named after Queen Margrete. The men of Kleef want it called Larsmark, after their king. Resolve dispute w/ skills and diplomacy or fight Brawling Action (to Brawl Ends) as natives watch from foliage.
World: Chaos, the edge of the world is seen fleetingly, and all discipline in the flagship is lost in the ensuing panic. Add Bad Trait X. Corrupt.
Judgment: The patrons are unhappy. The principal player character of the mission changes by proclamation. Each player gets a vote, but may not select the character presently in charge or himself. The ranks aboard usually do not change, just the man the patrons hold accountable.
Fool: Pray for redemption, but a rumor spreads through the flagship crew that you prayed to a false idol or Lucifer himself. Suffer a vicious wound pulling an oar, and know the fleet volunteers hunger for your death. Upon releases, after the Q&D, become scapegoat.



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