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Westward, HO! (4/25/18)


Diaz has returned to the fleet following his stint as Dockmaster, yet, tis I, Bailey, filling his normal position of Chronicler.

After finalizing our stores and cargo for the voyage ahead, and after some last minute reshuffling of materiel amongst the ships of the fleet, we set out, at long last, on our journey to the west--the New World awaits! We set out, secure in our copious stores, and the knowledge that our crew is both of the finest quality and of the highest morale--stout (if not Stout) lads, all! Onwards to the New World and the Fountain of Youth through the lands of the Pepper People!

Under the command of the Son of the Killer of Kit Marlowe,soon after we entered uncharted waters, it became clear the dreaded "Black Spot" had been unleashed upon the crew by a stowaway hid amongst the fleet. Rather than turn back to port to muster and account for all aboard, we pressed on. This may have been a mistake as the man, later identified as Olaf Porse, later managed to damage or destroy several items of cargo, and foully murder Captain of "Ram's Horn," and Fleet's Pilot, Eka. Leon assumed the double duty of Pilot and Chronicler.

Crossing the sea, moving west and north, we encountered a vast stretch of frozen sea, studded with vast mountains of ice, unlike anything seen by civilized men ere now. Navigator Moridin, unprepared for anything so unique, smashed a leading galley directly into a large mass--perhaps thinking it was but a dream, mirage or vision?

Navigating the treacherous ice, we found ourselves far to the north. The crew's early confidence dashed, quality diminished through injury and unfamiliarity with the conditions at sea, we continue west, stopping where possible to restock our stores of water, and supplement our foodstuffs. These islands are all inhabited by strange, savage peoples. They fail to recognize the superior nature of civilized, Godly men, and we are forced at every turn to barter away our stores. Some unknown Asian power seems to reach into this strange ocean, as the natives all feared Slaughter from others.

A suitable Island is found, and many of our Colonist, Missionaries and supplies are left here to establish the first French Colony in this new world--"Alexandria," (for, of course this new foothold of France shall be named for our beloved King) holds strong, and will be a welcome staging point if we need to remove ourselves from the land farther west. Despite he claims of Fame, the Island Bay is not named for Leon.

The lands west of Alexandria are vast and dangerous. On first landing tremors of the earth and smoke and fire rising from a nearby mountain scared members of the party half to death--some of our number are less Dashing than they once were. The party was attacked by a group of savages who wished to throw our party into the mighty volcano in order to appease their False God. Diaz saves the man who would be his rival (but not Rival).

Continuing to the south, a mighty mountain called Fuji by the natives, stuns us all with it's beauty. The natives also speak the name of the feared Asians hinted at by the savage islanders. A country with the unlikely name of "Japan" lies farther south. Perhaps these "Japanese" are the source of the unusual green eyes seen amongst some natives? Clues indicate that the Fountain of Youth can be found near Lyons--no, Lyons is a city of France, we seek Lions (but not the "Triple Lion")...

We continue out journey, moving to the north, exploring by land and sea until the northern tip of the landmass is found. Circling the fleet northwards, we encounter a fearsome sea monster. Some men swear it had a hundred head, others a hundred arms, while others swear in was a leviathan of the deep--the creature is beaten back, but not without cost. Some of our sailors are swept away, and Leon is injured, ceding his position of Chronicler and Pilot to myself.

In the cold seas between the land and the ice a Genoese ship is found. It's crew has been abandoned to the cold and lashed to the masts. It is clear that this is a ship Captained by Marco DaVinci. He is known for his green eyes, thus, it seems, we are NOT the first civilized men to venture so far west. DaVinci's voyage may have beaten us by decades, if he is the source of the green eyes amongst the natives--his shameful bastards!

Despite this news it is clear that his long-ago mission did not succeed. The Vert Valliant will surely be the first to return with the charts showing the safe passage to this land, and the first to exploit the resources of the New World for the Glory of France! First, however, to regroup, re plan and continue our journey.


   Fleet Chronicler Log 4/25 (The Triple-Walled Lord)

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A fine Tale, Worthy -- red (posted: 4/25/2018) 
It seems... -- The Triple-Walled Lord's player (posted: 4/25/2018) 
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