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Cutlass 25 Apr


First off, I connived my way aboard (as Diaz). I could not miss this next chance to see the new world. One Galleass and eight Galley rowing the Atlantic, a dream voyage, since I command a stateroom. What? I’m a mere master of arms and must sleep among the unwashed? Then who is Fleet Chronicler of the voyage? Who? The triple lion was selected over moi? A gold florin bet that he doesn’t last the voyage. He is a man w/ ulcers as Moridin reports. I take solace that the cuckold Bailey has no post in this expedition of discovery.

We finished our outfitting at Oslo w/ a couple of fortuitous events. We secured an extra Galley by drugging that ship’s first mate. We also bribed the dockmaster and secured yet another ship (for soak off loss). We set out with a fleet of eleven, a lucky number. Did I mention our first major event was hitting an iceberg?

Out of the ice floes we reached nearly the pole. We headed across, slowly trading cargo for fresh water. The natives are friendly, but unfortunately are not Adam and Eve in the garden; they have met outsiders. We have yet to meet true heathens who have not ever known the word of God.

Our trick of using rowers got us across the Becalm Divine, but we have over a thousand slave oarsmen to feed-water. There was groans from the masters as we suffered repeated hardships. We learned a plow is not a weapon of war. We learned that native soldiers can not easily be trained to shod horses or use artillery (in one day). Also, that unchecked conquistadors will celebrate past high tide, making us endured quite a snowstorm.

A fine set of isles was discovered in the northern seas. The local chief DubBub was friendly. We exchanged gifts, helped his warriors defeat a rival chief, gave him tribute items to bribe Japanese pyrates, which travel to his fair land (as well) for water. A base camp, Alexandria, was established with colonists, missionaries, bibles, seed, plows, forge, bricks and other sundries. A first colony dedicated to our monarch and for the greater glory of France.

We then continued west and found a major land mass. This was dubbed Larsmark, after the king of Kleef. The place is unsuitable for long habitation, as the ground is unstable and belches lava. We sent a party ashore and scouted the land up and down the coast. This helped us avoid naval hardship to our small fleet. But we did have to fight off savages that wanted us as sacrifice for their pagan gods. Touch and go, but all escaped.

The representative of Kleef, Eka (NPC), was killed by a stowaway. Olof Porse, notorious assassin is aboard. He also wounded our master of sails, Harvey (NPC). Porse has been warning masters of pending death, a black spot. All aboard are shaken, but we continued the journey. Many a time have we had to improvise to prevent his sabotage. Porse is uncanny and defeats our finest techniques at rapier and pistol and gloved fist.

We found two curiosities. The first were green eyed natives. Marco Davinci, of whom we have his logbook, traveled in these seas twenty, perhaps forty years ago. He was thought dead of thirst in the Becalm Divine, but his offspring show he survived by legacy. Where is he buried now? We know there’s a legend of him killing a lion. We also found a Genoese ship, beached, w/ bone rotted crewmen tied to the mast, consumed by sea birds, undoubtedly. Rough pyrate justice, Marco’s handiwork.

About half our cargo of gear is expended. But we have discovered the volcanoes Fourneau and Mt Fuji. We rounded a northern tip on Larsmark, and there were attacked by the unimaginable, a sea monster. I a man of learning, have no description that wouldn’t seem plagiarized of Homer’s Odyssey. Some masters would be injured, but most of us survived. The fleet flagship, the Ram’s Horn, remains in amazing shape. Though four support craft have been lost. Of our crew, besides the injury to Harvey and Eka, Wildemoon and Leon fall in and out of fevers. I won my bet, but take no mirth. We need his skills. Ah, so Bailey is aboard. Well, good for that. How’s the wife? Overall, we have only lost eight other crewmen.

I am opportunistic that this fountain of healing, which the blind prophet Jonson predicts, may be found. I admit some skepticism. But then again until yesterday, I would have bet my purse there was no such thing as a monster that can swallow ships. There again, it may just be a very large and aggressive whale, in a shivered shrouded fog. I admire the man who laughed at the beast. I barely escape drowning, tangled in seaweed and tentacles. The man who struck the felling blow saw something I did not.

Animal Queen: Creature is using stealth or camouflage to gain his own pounce or grand swarm. Avoid the vicious wound. Optional, increase Difficulty by five for the victory. Regardless, the difficulty of all rolls in the continuing action are increased by two. Difficulty: 8 Advantage: Spy

1. Fleet Commander, Wildemoon (Rusty, lvl 3)
2. Fleet Navigator, Moridin (Laura, lvl 5)
3. Fleet Master Oars, Francois (Tony, lvl 7)
4. Fleet Chronicler, Bailey (Mike, lvl 3)
5. Flagship’s Pilot, Francois (Tony, lvl 7)
6. Flagship’s Master Soldiers, Hektor of Ansbach (NPC, lvl 5)
7. Flagship’s Master Guns, Hardol of Scotland (NPC, lvl 3)
8. Flagship’s Quartermaster, Percy (Conrad, lvl 3)
9. Flagship’s Master Sails, Bailey (Mike, lvl 3)
10. Flagship’s Master Arms, Diaz (Red, lvl 5)
11. Flagship’s Vicar, Jonson (NPC, lvl 8)
12. Flagship’s Grumbler, Hillman of Lichtenstein (NPC, lvl 2)
13. Fleet Scapegoat Helmut von Bismark (NPC, lvl 3)
Injured: Wildemoon II (lvl 7), Leon (Lvl 5)

King’s Colony Alexandria established w/ Colonist-Yeoman, Missionaries, Marble-Brick, Plow-Oxen, Seed-Swine, Books-Bibles, Forge-Coal (Smiths), Tenting-Carts

Expedition Resources
1400 oarsmen, 352 Marines of Kleef

Ram’s Horn
Good Traits: Abundant Stores
Bad Traits: Pyrate, Disorderly.

Support Galley A: Missionaries, Charity Blankets, Seed-Swine, Barding-Horses, Axeheads-Tools, Biscuits-Salt Pork, Kennel Wardogs, Plows-Oxen

Support Galley B: Sulfur-Saltpeter, Tents-Carts, Whale Oil, Wire spools, Wool Yarn, Electrum, Bombard, Silver Utensils

Support Galley C: Conquistadors, Seed-Swine, Helms Corsets, Iron Ingots, Cheese-Dried Peas, Linen, Ethiopian Slaves, Barding Horse

Support Galley D; Biscuits-Salt Pork, Beer-Brandy, Forge-Coal, Sulfur-Saltpeter, Sapping Gear, Whale Oil

Support Galley E: Whale Oil, Wool Yarn, Wire Spools, Barding-Horse, Conquistadors, Kennel Wardogs, Seed-Swine, Forge Coals

Support Galley F: Empty (leading, next to hit a reef)



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