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First Thoughts ... Battle of Mainz


First thoughts ....

Wagram was as terrible as I had expected. The carnage, the blood, the bad rolls ... it was all there and more!!!!

The first clue we should have gotten was the table was to "Infiltrate" the battle field, not ... rush into the fray. I don't think there was even a way to win the battle in the fray unless you called "Tony taking it in the shorts before getting cut down yourself" as a win (and who wouldn't).

Splitting up may have created undue risk as well. Pairs of characters could perhaps survive a bad card flip.

In short, a fine representation of a chaotic, impossible, deadly battle. That's why you stay out.

As a land battle has been described ... the battle would only be taken of both sides believed they had a great chance of success. Fifty-fifty means stay at home and wait for the siege.

It did appear there was some tuning going on as we charged into battle (normal). Allowing but a single Make Roll was perhaps too restrictive but then allowing one per block may have been too much as well. Perhaps some middle ground was needed. (This comes up a lot.)

Lastly, there almost needed to be two tracks going in (which maybe didn't make sense for the effort) ... a lowbie track of dudes trying to stay out of the endless grind of battle. They would influence play but turning a failed skirmish into a success. And, a high level track for the Picaroons and such to wage battle among the Colonels, Generals, and Field Marshals.

We will see how it goes but it appears to be epic so far. How will Vert Valiant fare? Tune in next week.


   Iron Conrad

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