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Chronicler's Log 5/9/18


Our return voyage to the Olde World was mostly uneventful--Bartolomeu Diaz has stayed behind as Governor-General of Alexandria (leaving me as official Chronicler for the Vert Valiant, but giving us a new Friend in high places on our next voyage west). A minor brawl broke out when the crew realized our Patron, Ben Johnson, had been faking his blindness and his ability to speak in tongues. The rowers have decide they should get a share of the profits. Hey, they’re free men who signed onto this voyage, and did the work. Of COURSE they should get a share. It’s only money, and we’ve got lots of it.. As any member of the Vert Valiant could retire and live like nobility for the rest of his life, it’s better to keep our servitors happy.

A Scottish patrol boarded, but our papers are in order, and our cargo is legal. As we sailed east we beheld this patrol approach (and fire upon) another ship--likely the smugglers they’d sought to begin with.

Upon our successful return to France, Johnson vanishes…. Likely to surface in the future to inconvenience us once more. The Dock-masters of Kleef are happy to have new masts, but, since the “Ram’s Horn,” was a Kleef vessel, they feel this route could have been opened by any band of sailors. They do not have proper respect for the Vert Valiant. Hugo von Bismark, a man humiliated by our band on at least four occasions, seems dissatisfied with his treatment during the voyage, and continues to vow revenge. Any time he wishes to try, we’ll be glad to take his boots again, and reduce him to Scape-Goat. The Wallensteins, at least, appreciate our labors. New masts make them happy--and, as the large Cartel with resources to hire us again, they are the only ones of our Patrons whose opinions matter.

The Son of the Killer of Kit Marlowe is missing--he sought treatment for wounds gained at sea, and vanished. Rumor indicates he might be in Kleef hands, as a bargaining chip in negotiations regarding the return of “Thor,” the Flagship of the Kleef Navy captured by the Vert Valiant months ago. We’ll keep our ears to the ground, and, if his location becomes known to us, we’ll rescue our compatriot.

Francois has been given an appointment to the Crown--officially being given command of one of the King’s Legions. Useful, indeed, as this merely gives the Vert Valiant unfettered access to a company of Elite soldiers in the future.

Thus ends the search for the “Pepper People.” Oddly enough, while we found “Zebras” and “Pineapples,” I do not recall meeting any “Pepper” people!

And who crawls out from whatever boudoir he was hiding in but Lennart Tortensson, the man responsible for my shame. He wishes us to run weaponry to the rebels fighting against the Crown of Carpathia. No money is offered, merely a plea to our loyalties to King Alexander.

Normally, I would avoid working for this man, but, as a Major of the King’s Horse-guards, he is a powerful man at court, and made it clear that, if I refused to join the Vert Valiant on this mission he would order newly appointed Major Francois to arrest me.

So, given the choice between working for a man I loathe and fighting a friend and brother in battle, I will, reluctantly, join this mission.

I spoke to Tortensson in private. The dog taunted me by first informing me that my Father-in-Law has expressed regret for the marriage (Let’s say I no longer can count on “Father” to be a Friend), then “gifting” me a cameo carved from precious stone--the cameo is my own profile, and was a gift from me to Catarina before we took our voyage to the Orient…. My resolve to build myself into a truly Stout man is doubled. With raw strength and the Uncontested Dagger Thrust I will one day avenge my honor and rid myself of this nuisance.

After appealing to our loyalty to the Crown, it is discovered that King Alexander opposes gifting the Carpathian rebels armament. Despite yet more proof that Tortensson cannot be trusted, my companions and I will continue on this foolish errand. One day my friends will fully realize what I already know--and on that day I might not need to take Tortensson on alone.

The Fuggars are opposed to this mission, and, despite being the initial contact, Mal de Merd-a-din withdraws from the mission. It must be nice to not be compelled to action by the threat of arrest by a corrupt member of the court!

Francois himself also stays behind to familiarize himself with his new troops--one might argue that a war-zone would be the perfect place to take an Elite company of fighting men, but life is rarely fair.

The “Sons of the Sons of the Grognards” have volunteered to cart the arms we escort. As long as the disgraced Ben Johnson doesn’t show up, and as long as we aren’t forced into action against any of the companies founded by the Bullingdon Club, the “Grandsons” should be good men for the job.

Unfortunately, as we travel to Saxony, we’ll have to pass through Mainz. Open warfare has broken out in that area, and we’ll be forced to go into this battle-zone to disrupt the enemy forces. Rumor says that the younger Wildemoon is being held there, so, at least we have an possible opportunity to retrieve our missing man.

I can hear the artillery over the horizon. The battle is near. For now the time for writing is done. It’s time to fight.

~Chronicler Lord Bailey Baylee Bayleigh


   Chronicler Bailey

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