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RPGs are great for fiction writers.


One particular friend of mine has been using the "Personality Paradigms" matrix I typed up for my "Pangaea" rules as an aid for developing the characters in his current novel. Great, glad it's useful.

Simon Jones is also an instructor for "Norwich Writer's Center," and has started sharing gaming-related tip with his students and readers, such as this article:


Well... Of more potential relevance, I've been following along behind Simon adding my own thoughts (I know, expressing an opinion is so RARE for me.), including a sales push for Cutlass Book Four.

Cutlass Book Four really does stand alone from the rest and, on its own, really is one of the best volumes I've read on world-building (obviously for more eurocentric worlds between an equivalent 1400-1850AD), so, hopefully this will drive a few sales. With a spot of luck, even for the rest of the game.

I've maintained for decades that Ignobles are the best character advancement system out there. Experience points! Fah! I'll be over here working on a good "Personal Growth."

(This reminds me--Bailey has a Growth Ignoble for trying to become Stout... If he'd gotten out of Mainz unwounded I'd be asking for wandering off alone as progression towards the Trait.)


   Mike Miller

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