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The Battle of Mainz (Cutlass 5/17/2018)


Lord Bayleigh,

I hope this message finds your recovery going smoothly. As the current Chronicler of the Vert Valiant, I dispatch these notes to you as an aid to your endeavors, and as something to occupy your mind as you heal.

I arrived in Mainz, having been led there by a pair of young French soldiers named Morcant and Tomas de Marchand, to find our compatriots on the overlook to the west of the battle shortly after they were forced to retreat (I believe this was mere moments after your injury). Boleyn was planning a route through the field back to the German Command Tent, and, with no better immediate options, we set off for this designated target. Alas, without either Wilde-moon as Young Wilde-moon had been severely injured making his way back to the overlook after (he said) you had freed him from the tent of the German Field Marshal.

The Killer of Kit Marlowe has a deep and touching concern for his son and took the opportunity to remove him from the battle to a nearby hospital. The Elder Wilde-moon did say he hoped you would turn up, Lord Bailey. It seems he owes you a drink for rescuing his son. Hopefully, by the time this reaches you, you and both Wilde-moons have shared many a drink together.

Our initial foray across the filed seemed ill-timed and, once more, we returned to the overlook. Morcant was there, claiming that he had been separated and forced to the outskirts of the field and threatened by indolent laborers who took his purse of coins as a bribe. Boleyn, that kind-hearted man, gave Morcant his own purse as a gesture of good-will.

With a new route planned we, again, set off across the raging and bloody battle. Morcant again separated from the group and was last seen heading north into the line of Bavarian scouts. Whether killed, captured or a turncoat, it matters not. He was never seen alive again. Probably for the best, as we have enough men in the Vert Valiant with "Mor" in their names.

It was Marchand who first reached the Command Tent, followed by Boleyn. They were able to surprise the soldiers there and take the area. Together they determined this force was a combination of German and Russian forces. Moreover amongst those dispatched by Boleyn and Marchand were the interpreters for the Russian General and German Field Marshal. With them removed, communications between the two forces were been fatally disrupted! The tent was set ablaze as a signal to all that the Russian/German Command had fallen.

Moridin, isolated in the chaos, stumbled through what seem to be foragers - perhaps waiting for a chance to rob the bodies of the fallen - whilst I, searching for a tactical target, found myself amongst the charnal horrors of the unburied dead. Looters were already robbing fallen soldiers of their boots, and these rude men were quite willing to kill to add to their stolen prizes. I was forced to fight my way out, and even snapped the hilt off my sword with one particular punch.

It was Moridin who found the enemy's Paymasters, and Moridin brought the fight to the money-keepers. I, meanwhile, found my way to the "Catbird" seat - Russian Artillery above the main battle. I was able to drive off the cannoneers and turn the guns against the German and Russian forces. Marchand, that good man, was able to delay the foragers moving on my position - the enemy must have heard that the mighty Vert Valiant were among the French force, and had attempted to lay a trap for our stalwart band. I must acknowledge the bravery of these unknown men, for, even as the smoke of their burning Command Tent darkened the sky, still they attempted to fight on.

Yet Boleyn had joined Moridin at the enemy Paymaster's, stumbled into Moridin's foe, which allowed Moridin the final dispatch. Moridin removed the enemy pay-box while Boleyn set fire to the Paymaster's tent.

While a professional soldier might fight on after the loss of his Commander, the loss of his wages is too much for the morale of any fighting man. The Battle of Mainz came to an end with the glorious French Army victorious.

In the aftermath of the battle we located Henri and Alain as well as yourself. The body of Morcant was also found. Strangely, although none of us really knew the man (He was a quiet sort who spoke little on the journey to Mainz), Moridin insisted on giving the man proper burial with honors, even choosing to dig the grave. I can not imagine why. Perhaps Morcant was a cousin of Moridin?

As you no doubt know by now, Boleyn chose to stay behind to help rebuild the city of Mainz. I am certain you will combine his recollections with those set down here to compile an accurate record of the battle.

As for those of the Vert Valiant still afield, your "dear friend" Tortensson still intends on leading us to Bavaria to deliver armaments. Tomas de Marchand chose to accompany us asea, and, given his actions in Mainz, I am certain no man of the Vert Valiant feels anything other than confidence in adding this Dashing soldier to our elite brotherhood.

Wishard Percy met us at the Port, having booked a caravel to sail around the coast to Dublin, and so, Lord Bayleigh, I leave you, Elder and Younger Wilde-moon, Alain and Boleyn with wishes for full recovery from your fellows. Henri le Tomb sends jesting mockery to you all for choosing the "easy way out." Le Tomb, perhaps, should have chosen to stay behind with the five of you. Despite his forced jollity the bloodied bandages on his head and slight stagger show the man is, himself, gravely injured.

Till again we meet in France and drink together, my brothers-in-arms!

~Leon Leonard L'eonce


   Leon Leonard L'eonce

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