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Diversion on May 30th


Mission Sixteen Pax l'est Guerre (low level)

Patron Four Swords, inv.: Ruthless Enforcer, Olof Porse of Kleef. Sea: Ordinarily; Land: Improbable.

Quirk Tower: Patron was ordered by his monarch, King Lars, to assist in completing this task. As part of the deal, the five deck galleon Thor, will be returned. The players will tow the poorly outfitted vessel, masts and guns removed, back to Stockholm. Olof Porse is aboard to ensure there is no mutiny or potential theft of the prize flagship.

Mission Seven Cups: Spy, observe or obtain political secrets. The patron wants to know if France can be trusted. The royal court of France (the players) see this deal as a test of loyalty, trying to discover if King Lars has ulterior motives or has secret ties to another land.

Motive Seven Swords: Kleef is trying to end the monopoly on Timber, wanting to cut Wallenstein out of the present deals. There are rumors and confirmed reports that fresh sources of timber are being found in the New World. Timber is losing campaign value.

Attitude Sun, inv.: Olof Porse was recently denied promotion and suffered a loss in status inside the royal court of Kleef. He wants to redeem himself and bring the flagship safely back to Stockholm.

Finances Ten Swords, inv.: Generous and offers double wages. Yet should the mission fail, several royal commissions (of other PCs) will be revoked (in France). A secret society wants the deal w/ Kleef to succeed.



Rival Two Coins, inv.: Viceroy of Timbuktu, Mark, level five. A member of the Fasci Friars order of Turin, whom control Slaves based in Cartegena, Spain.

Ace-Hole Ace Cups, inv.: Marshal Music. The enemy employs bellows to produce an eerie and distracting whistling organ. His own men are unfazed, acclimated to he nails on chalkboard sound. Apply a half D8 penalty (declining) in all Ship Engagements. Each player rolls his own at start of adventure. After four battles, hopefully before the climax, the penalty will be neutralized.



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