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In Cog we Go to seek the Incago (Cutlass 5/23/18)


Lord Bayleigh,

It is good to hear you have recovered from your wounds. On behalf of the rest of the Valliant I send sympathies to Young Wildemoon. While it seems he will be unable to be up and about for several more weeks we have full faith the man will fully recover.

I suspect you already know that the Court does not blame the Vert Valliant for the unfortunate events that have lead to the recent tension with the nation of Bavaria (nor for failing to escalate the interests of the Crown in Carpathia). Mal de Merd-a-din spoke with his contact with the Fuggar Bankers, and convinced them these situations are no threat to their business. All is well with those who have been Patrons.

I'm certain you already know Leonard Tortensson is no longer Major of the King's Horseguard. The traitor is in disgrace and banished from the court. Harmon Boleyn, that brave Buccaneer, is the new Major. With our current high standing at court, Francois Duclos serving as a Warden of the Army and Boleyn's appointment, the confluence of circumstance and friends in high places may make your day of reckoning something to come sooner rather than later.

For ourselves, exploration and glory awaited! Natt och Dag had been chartered by the Crown to return to the lands we've encountered in the West to resupply our colonies, perhaps start the foundations of a third and, generally, ensure the flow of logs, labor and lager continue apace. Dag was our Patron once, before we were dubbed "Vert Valliant." We actually mutinied against him! The man seemed to recognize the value of our skills and be Christian enough to not hold a grudge. In fact, Dag's agent, Enzo Gabin, turned over to our care some letters with information about Wildemoon, but the particulars are nothing you would wish to hear.

The King's Physician, Conrad Gressner was sent as the "King's Ear," and Duclos was aboard, not as a member of the crew, but as bodyguard to Doctor Gressner. I mislike the Doctor--he seems to type to try to usurp an honest man's glory. Amusingly, Helmut von Bismark was a member of the crew.

We sailed on the new Kleef-Designed French Flagship, May Sun, with the caravels Luna, Expo and Dreamer to help tow May Sun through the waters of the Becalme Divine. Aboard our vessels, supplies - cathedral bells, anchors and tackle, and housewares - for the colonies and some trained personnel - a Priest, Midwife, Minister of Hygiene, Magistrate Assize, Conquistador (a Spaniard) and Major Domo to aid in settling in.

Westward we sailed, despite our sponsors of the Wallenstein Cartel warning twas too late in the year for a safe voyage. Fortunately their family trade is in lumber, not maritime voyaging, for the voyage to Alexandria was entirely uneventful. Dag let slip at sea that this voyage was more than a mere resupply run - secretly he wished to be the first to circumnavigate the globe! I felt almost as if merely being part of such an ambitious voyage has drained half of my luck!

When this new spread amongst the crew debates broke out as to the true nature of this Earth. We men of learning educated the ignorant aboard that the Earth is not flat, else the oceans would have drained dry long ere now! Merd-a-din refused to take part in the discussions. His lack of opinion lost him the respect of the crew (right or wrong a man must be willing to at least state his case), and he became the crew's Scape-Goat.

Alexandria wasn't exactly thriving since we founded her - the colony was indebted, marauded by the mysterious "Japanese," critically short of foodstuffs, and superstitious fear ran rampant. We worked with the colonists to install the new cathedral bell and distribute supplies of housewares and installed the Magistrate and Conquistador in their new offices. Young Gabin disembarked, but Governor Diaz joined us under the pretense of lending his experience to the colony of New France when we were to drop supplies with them. I, of course, know the real reason is Diaz, always the friendly rival, heard about our pending attempt to encircle the entire world, and couldn't bear to not come along for the Fame.

After the uneventful crossing to New France Diaz helped us settle their new Minister of Hygiene and distribute the anchor and tackle. New France's problems with piracy, plague and pestilence were no more.

We travelled inland to visit those gentle savages you called "Zebra People." Our good French midwife chose to stay amongst them for a season. The French Troops stationed close by were a feckless garrison and quite insubordinate, almost insurrectionist! Rumors were whispered of a nearby Pyrate-king.

We promised to report to the Crown on our return to France and a quick return with more troops and supplies for the region, then, with our duties in the colonies completed, we turned our fleet's bows to the east and set sail.

Of course, we shortly spun west and on into the unknown waters.

It was I who first spotted the new island that shall evermore bear the name "New Valliant." Ashore we found ample game, green fields and a tribe of savages calling themselves by by the moniker "Algonquin." Our peaceful overtures were met with foul violence. Some thirty of our troops were taken and tortured by the savages. During the fray I was knocked unconscious and dragged to safety by Gignot. Gignot assumed command of our troops and we retreated to shore, only to find that Natt och Dag is either more vengeful or more of a glory seeker than we'd imagined. The fleet had left us marooned.

We continued charting the coasts of this land, searching for the French vessels in the hope they had merely made port in a better bay, when, in the contreforts, we came across a more militant and aggressive tribe calling themselves "Maori." We made common cause with the Maori against the treacherous Algonquin. We promised to put those betrayers to the sword and left the Maori some "boomsticks" (muskets) as a sign of faith and friendship.

We continued across the land, finding a third tribe, the "Shawnee." Again, we found common cause against the Algonquin.

Fearing Gignot was promising things from our troops beyond our currently limited capabilities, Francois Duclos came forward from his passive participation and took command of our troops from Gignot. Gignot, understandably cowed by the Swashbuckler meekly stepped into the background.

We continued out overland trek and encountered the "Pepper People!" At long last this rumored tribe was discovered. They had a foe - like all these savages - and - like all these savages - appealed to superior Frenchmen for aid. Yearly, the Pepper People are raided by war canoe parties from the Incago Empire. Like the tales of Marco da Vinci, it seems we are not the first white men to make their way to these shores. The Pepper People had asked other Olde World crews for aid in the past. None returned.

Whether or not we were to search for the Incago, we still found ourselves marooned. Boleyn set about organizing work parties to construct a cog. Merd-a-din proved to be an ineffective trainer of men, or so I thought. I tried to help organize the natives into some sort of useful crew, but these savages are dull of mind, weak of body, and empty of spirit. One of those savages tried to murder me merely for correcting his flawed work!

These natives all dares ask our aid, asked us to kill for them, then stabbed the good Godly man who offered help? Obviously these savages are unsuitable for civilization. I will endeavour to come up with methods to at teach them to be a useful labor force in the future.

Completed, we stuffed nearly 250 fifty members of Vert Valliant fine French troops and foul savages, along with our cannon and war dogs into one small vessel the size of a trading cog. I leave the smell to your imagination.

We sailed north into a deafening sea. Merd-a-din, spooked by the thought of Sea Monsters, in particular seems less Dashing of aspect. A strand of old-growth forest was spotted ashore and, concerned at the crowded conditions aboard, we weighed anchor and went ashore to construct a second vessel. The Wallenstein would love the quality of these trees...

Our second attempt at construction did not go as planned. Perhaps it was exhaustion, perhaps stress, but Diaz was severely injured (again), although he audaciously continued with his labors. Boleyn tried using gunpowder charges to fell trees. Duclos decided that firing his pistol into the dirt at troop's feet was a good way to encourage fast work. I managed to calm the grumblers and sent Diaz, Duclos and Boleyn back to shore to secure our vessel. Those three reported later spotting what seemed to be a party of war canoes from the north.

These Pepper People just had no aptitude for advanced woodworking. When Merd-a-din was reduced to slitting a worker's throat to set an example, we realized that this was a wasted venture.

We sailed north. The sea monster Merd-a-din feared afore breached water off our port side, nearly causing me to tumble overboard into it's gaping maw. My shouts of warning mustered the crew and Duclos quickly slew the creature.

And thus our voyage will continue. In Cog we go to find the Incago.

As ever,


   Leon Leonard L'eonce

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