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Nerd Post of the Week: Brave


I downloaded a browser called Brave (not Brave and the Bold ... that name was taken).


The ad blocker is built in. It lists everything the page is trying to do and you can get to script blocker in two clicks. (Should be one click but okay I can live with two.) Out of the box (er ... as downloaded) this one is the best I've seen.

Most ad blockers wait for the page to load then remove the ads, this one ... doesn't download the ad so the page loads much faster.

The viruses are in the ads so .. no download ... no get.

As a consumer of the Interwebzerz I don't mind suffering an ad or three but the pages are damn near unusable the majority of the time for the ten sites I typically visit.

I should note SpaceGamer.com continues to be the best. Loads fast, easy to read, and high availability.

It would be more better if IE worked all the time (on some sites, that are optimized for Firefox, IE struggles.)

Stop teaching robots how to kill us. Why again does my browser allow me to download things that can kill me?

Disclaimer: I don't bother much with the modern stuff (if by modern you mean the stupid shit they are selling to the millennials). A few pitures, a few movies, lots of text. Your mileage may differ if you are doing something I'm not doing.


   Iron Conrad

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