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PathFinder 2 in Work ....


So, a video popped up on my Kindle and ... well I clicked ... I'm not proud about it ... but I clicked.

Then, another page popped up. Then, another ... and finally ... off the map was I.

I'm talking way off Barsoom and even Battle Fleet Mars. Way off. I had to generate an alternate identify, destroy that, create a second, then a third, and then, only a binary representation of my cyber presence which may or may not have been a bot. I think I passed the Voight-Kampff but not sure. (Why wouldn't I just flip the turtle over man ... just why!!!!) This could have all been a dream.

Pathfinder is a fantasy RPG that was a branch off the 3.0 license from Wizards. Basically, you could make something like D&D and wouldn't get sued.

For those following at home, Paizo recently did StarFinder ... PathFinder in space. I honestly can't speak to it ... The reviews say it's different but the same, modular, stream-lined, and crunchy. You generate your six stats from 3-18 and derive a bunch of numbers that mildly affect dice rolls. I do know it's not Science Fiction ... but Science Fantasy. (So, space, and magic, and orcs, laser bardiches and stuff ... did I accidently drink a bunch of Nyquil?)

I can't get excited about it. (It's me man ... not you ... please, if you have the disposable income, buy the pretty books.)

So, now I'm seeing ... PathFinder2 .... Gasp!!!!

What I did see. It's different but the same, modular, stream-lined, and crunchy. You can customize and not customize. It's easier for the Referee and the Player simultaneously and better, more, good.

Now we have stats which we record in alphabetical order and have different abbreviations. See, more, better. Crunchy. And instead of stats, they chose to do the reverse which they call stats ... (spell it out a few times, it's more clever than you think ... okay ... the bar was low).

They have new rules on carrying capacity ... where do I get that!!!!

I can't say because I don't know but I can conjecture. The success of DND, or is it D&D, or D and Next or Beyond Next ... whatever ... (Gentlemen, get the branding right, it's the only thing keeping you afloat.)

Clearly D&Next is eating into the Paizo community. I don't know that for certain but I see less books. I see less players. And, the videos even sort of half admitted it. So, that leaves two options. A new edition ... or a giant cake pulled by a black death car that says "Eat Me" (another 80's reference --- Do No Ev-oogle it).

The completely made up graphic that I saw showed 9 D & 5E meeple players for each 3 Paizo player. (And 1 of those 3 were jumping on the D & Same But New wagon). The logic was ... you can't get more than the 9 D & Hasbro players but you could peel off a few and they would be in your community. So, instead of 2, you would get your 1 dude back and grab maybe 2 of his dudes. (The Jack Ass in me didn't want to point out it was more likely that your 2 would become 1 as 1 of your 2 graphic meeple dudes decided he didn't want to buy more same/different stuff.)

Okay, the actual content. The play test rules are coming out in August as a 400 page book that you can buy or download for free. (Please don't try to print stuff on printers at offices / schools as they will be busy pushing out copies.) Okay, lots of tablet work there. As it's a play test, it will be a one and done effort. Buy the play test copy when it's available or you'll have to buy the actual release copy when it's available. (Does Nyquil cause head aches ... you buy it now to more buy it later?)

Apparently, the plan is to include level 10 spells. (I'm hoping they took my idea for Big Wish spells since it would be bigger than 9th level Wish.)

Rather than a standard action and bonus action, there will be three actions per round. Because that's different as it is not 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, or 4. (Really, man who is spiking my air with Nyquil here!!!). So, players can attack multiple times in a round. And rather than having a spell and bonus spell you can cast a 2 phase spell with a 1 phase spell. So before you could cast "Acid Splash" (standard) and "Shield" (bonus) in a single round. Now, you can cast "Acid Splash" (2 components) and "Shield" (single component) in a single round. Well I know it's a terrible example, but it was the only one they gave, and it was so amazingly disturbing on so many levels that I had to share. (You can thank me later.)

As best I can tell while you do get multiple attacks in a single round, any attacks past the first always miss. Now, I don't know about you, but I love that rule. That works on so many levels for me. Why yes, please take your 453rd attack this round, we weren't really doing anything else but watching you roll dice ... oh ... that one is partially cocked, please roll again. Oh, so close.

For those on the super secret shadowy hidden murky dark webby thing, you do know we just bump up the hit points on the bad guys when you attack multiple times ... just clarifying for those that didn't know.

They are doing something with feats, proficiencies, special skills, skill customization, adding a new class to the 12 character classes which will mean 13 which we know gets you a burglar (... look it up, it's kinda fun).

I didn't hear anything for Referees except make it easier to make bad guys. (Hint, multiple hit points by 2.)

I heard the "Agency" word ... (giving players control of the game). I don't mind the idea, but I hate the word. It's like something I read on a Star Bucks cup.

Paizo is a pretty good company. Hey, if you want to hear people gush about bad ideas, you go the dark web and put your comments in the section below. You get the painful truth here baby. As much as I can dish out in the 4.39 actions per round I get. (I'm already on to 4th edition.)

They filled a gap and delivered some interesting things even if one didn't player their game (Some call D & 3.75.)

Paizo maps are thumbs up. Paizo mini's thumbs up. Paizo cards, thumbs up. Some interesting ideas. Solid delivery.

But, change a few rules and re-print same stuff game is kinda boring. I would hope they could deliver some thing different.

TSR / WOTC / Hasbro was chained to the past and the debacle of 4th edition so they couldn't have courage. But, Paizo, the doom is coming. The new players are going to drink Coke first. Multiple versions of the same stuff is going to scare off the new players. If you want to grow, Do something bold. Well, or take the dollars that you can get. No shame there. Make your players what they want and service the market. Do the good work you've done in the past. Keep your costs low and do what you do best.

(And, don't ask me about D#D6.)


   Iron Conrad

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