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Lost in Space -- Somehow stupider than the original ...


I caught a few episodes of Lost in Space on Netflix. I'm still hoping the Cylons take over because ... the nine year old that wrote Lost in Space will need a break.

Upon reflection, the original Lost in Space was meant to be colorful and strange and it was ... it was really only stupid in contrast to the other great Sci-Fi program on at the time.

It should be a basic requirement if you are going to write science-y things that you take a basic physics class.

Normally, I say even if it's not my cup of tea that I hope they make a thousand of them to stretch the bounds of a story telling and encouraging others to make Science Fiction shows. In this case, the ten they made is more than enough. Let's just forget they were ever made.

I'm not saying they need to be Lost in Space ... Lost in a toilet or Lost in a rubbish heap would work ... just Lost would be good enough.


   Iron Conrad

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