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A peaceful return (Cutlass 6/13/2018)


My Lord Bayleigh,

The remainder of the sea voyage home was as smooth a trip as one could hope for. We took our leave of the May Sun and our un-named ship of straw and returned to the Court via the King's Highways, stopping tavern to tavern. The incidents of note:

One minor skirmish between two factions both unknown to us was ended via Merd-a-din chastising the ruffians for wasting good powder and shot on fellow Frenchmen. To teach one side's leader a further lesson, I took his hat.

Wildemoon II traded the sword that he took into the battle with the Incago for a fine horse.

It seems we are attracting attention on high, indeed! We had a brawl with a man who we thought might have been an agent of Tortensson, yet it seems he was, instead, an agent of His Holiness, himself! Still, Harmon fought the man in a most Swashbuckling way, although twas Wildemoon who disarmed and ransomed the man.

As if that weren't enough, at a tavern in Paris a quite comely barmaid caught all of our eyes. We tipped the lady well for her ample...mugs of ale (and, perhaps for her time?). The boy, Enzo Gabin, giving the lady a hundred doubloons! Yet the woman's soul stood revealed as far less lovely than her walk. It seemed she kept company with Admiral Lorenzo of Genoa, and Lorenzo took great offense at our innocent flirtations. Another minor enemy? Unimportant. We are French, we are Vert Valliant, we are Conquerors of Incago. The Genoan's ire means little.

Upon our return to Paris the Court was most pleased with our services, despite the dual betrayals of Natt och Dag and Gessner. The new King will just have to find a new Physician!

Francois Duclos has been dispatched with his Regiment to assault Germans, Diaz has returned to Alexandria, while I am staying in Paris, eagerly watching at the shipyards as the two-deck galleon, "Lion's Pounce" takes shape.


   Leon Leonard L'eonce

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