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ConCon Mystery Midnight (~11pm)


Introduction to Murder
Ten people arrive at a venerable southern mansion on invitation of an elderly uncle. In his email he suggested he needs someone to live with him, help oversee the estate and soon inherit the family fortune. Uncle Earl has no kin, outside of the ten people who answered the call. Ten? Each thought he alone was going to have the honor?

Earl’s hundred-million dollar home overlooks the sea. Would be a great place for a golf course. A storm (of course) has flooded the only access road and left the place isolated. Everyone seems to have arrived at the same time. By your Uncle’s request, no one arrives w/ luggage; only a few personal items are carried (as detailed on the character sheets). The accommodations seem to have a selection of garments, if not stylish, at least in assorted sizes.

The one thing which has everyone concerned is that the place has no internet access, nor do phones seem to operate. The whole estate, though luscious and adorned, is a throwback to an Antebellum style. Amenities are clean, but ancient. The staff is staid, nonplused – offering no opinion nor any information.

All of the player characters are related, but none seem to know each other. Even the six Clan Edwards, who have the same father, are practically strangers. At best the cast of main characters met as children at reunions, but have changed physically and socially over the years.

One or more stands to inherit a fortune. However, there may be a complication? Before dinner, the secretive Uncle Earl is found murdered. Go to the Study, if you dare, for more details on his death. Play starts w/ everyone on the flooded Access Road, having just fled there. Not all may even have seen Earl's body yet. Who screamed and started the flight outside in the rain? No one seems to know for sure.

Be forewarned: Enter a room, like say Formal Dining alone, and there’s a chance you will be slain (no save). Enter w/ buddy for accountability and protection, but there’s a small chance both will be slain. Ever enter w/ killer as your only buddy and be slain by the killer. Yes, one of the players may know he's the Murderer! Expect some pvp, unlike me huh?

Mechanics – All rolls are 2D8 for success on an eleven.

Ten Suspects
Arrow Edwards – New Age Guru
Blake Patrick – Anti-Vaxxer
Channing Murphy – Web Hoaxer
Charlie Edwards – Net Activist
Morgan Edwards – Self-Styled Hacker
Jules Patrick – Journalist Blogger
Riley Edwards – Podcast Pundit
Sage Edwards – Pro Gamer
Shiloh Patrick – Disabled Grognard
Tatum Edwards – Social Media Star
(All roles subject to last minute change.)

These characters are designed to be asexual of either gender. As an American author, I push violence, not titillation. There will be no love interest, nor hardly any mutual respect, among the ten main suspects.

Additional players will be added as henchmen to assist the main characters. Any main character death will put the player with the option to watch (at minimum interaction) or accept the role of a sidekick to another player. Any of the sidekicks may also shift to someone else.

Forecast event to last less than three hours; All hell should break loose within two hours, whether the players figure out the clues or not.



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