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Wishard Percy - The Gentle Confessor goes off


Percy is a man of peace who chose his skills in Accounting, Tradesman, and Sapper. Yet, it came to him to stand in the barracks and bash down solider after soldier with his bare hands (and his faith, of course).

Untrained in pistols, swords, or even the Long Bow, it fell to the gentle man of letters to hold the field.

Eight men down in a row by the brawler. (Hmm ... wonder what the odds are on that one ---

When rolling 3 dice 9+ is 89% chance. Level 5 = double rolls ... so ... about 1.2% fail on each attempt.

Still ... 1 miss and digressions for the lot of you!)

Still, it's a fool's errand to take Reckless ... don't go there.

Nantes is a different matter. (I blame Lyon.)


   Iron Conrad

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