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The Flight from Nantes


Lord Bayleigh,

Fortune is a fickle mistress. Our situation in Nantes resolved before your arrival there, and I trust this letter catches you in Marseilles before you set to sea.

Nemo Moridin lost his left leg, crushed beyond recognition under the stone statue dropped by the Fuggar banker's guards. While the poor unfortunate was being fitted with a stout peg, it was revealed by Juan Gonzago that the wine we are delivering, "...came from an ill-tended farm in Carpathia. The vines were scorched so the grapes would be sweeter, but, after that it could be decades before anything grows. I heard the land was gifted to a foolish knight (Laura - Nemo) as a prize of honor. Bet the man has never visited the estate. Wait until he sees the account of his rents, still accumulating on barren soil..." This news put Nemo in an even more foul temper, for reason I cannot imagine. With Percy sullying Nemo with the nickname "Left Leg," on top of this, the man was quietly seething for days. We have been joined by a soldier named Gaspard Oceane - whether a survivor of the French Army, a town guardsman or an employee of the Fuggars was something I didn't catch.

With Nemo ready to hobble and Gonzago growing ever more impatient (the Spaniard had no regard for his hirelings), we ventured forth again to deliver this cargo of Wine, while continuing to avoid the looting Russian soldiers and fleeing townsfolk. We found ourselves at the estate of the aristocratic Poet Teatro - a man who was known for designing a self-rising stage curtain (You are an actor yourself, correct?). Gonzago stated we must rescue the man from the city, and, with Russian soldiers nearby we had no choice but to attempt Escape at Any Cost. Left-Leg managed to cover Percy's escape with Teatro, but found himself left behind. I was able to extricate Left Leg and myself while Gonzago and Gaspar made their own escape. Gaspar lost a shoe in the flight, causing Percy to dub the man "One-Shoe Gaspar."

Teatro gratefully came with us, pledging to use his influence and reputation throughout the city to vouch for us as we travel. We bypassed a minor riot outside the courthouse where troops cold as ICE were checking travel documents. We crossed an ornate plaza where Russian soldiers had lost their discipline. A swift boot to the rump from Percy to their sergeant was all that was required to throw them into confusion as we carted our wine along.

Teatro led us south to the warehouse. As we walked I talked with Percy about the virtues of the herbal potion I had brewed from Incago herbs. Curious, he Confessor asked to try the beverage, and, none too soon! It seemed foreign agents had been dispatched to kidnap Gonzago, and the warehouse is where they made their move. The cramped quarters and dim lighting made pistols hard to bring to bear, but, buoyed by my marvelous concoction, Percy, the gentle priest, Recklessly charged forth and dispatched our assailants with energized blows of his fist. Given the prodigious skill the man has as a brawler, perhaps we should call him "One-Punch Percy?"

To our surprise Natt og Dag was the man to take the final delivery. He told us a tale of woe and betrayal of how Conrad Gessner led a mutiny that was responsible for our being marooned in the New World and how he, himself was set ashore to make his way back to France. The man might have lied through his teeth, but his offer of lands for us all is what gave the man a second chance at friendship rather than a savage beating. We'll see if the deed to the land gifted me outside the port of Marseilles is worth the parchment it was printed on.

Dag indicated word of Tortensson is being spoken in Roma. Could the traitor have journeyed from Nantes to Roma so soon? Unknown, but I share the lead with you, my Lord.

Otherwise, we met up with the remnants of Marshall Dulcos' forces to voyage home on the Karlskrona. Some foolish pyrate chose the wrong ship to attack - we repulsed, I led the counter-boarding party across, Gaspar got us to the enemy Commander (Percy dubbed the foe the "One Legged Goose," when reinforcements boiled up from below-decks. Gaspar pulled a forged writ which caused the fresh soldiers to stand down and "One-Punch Percy" knocked the "One Legged Goose" out. During the battle a fire had started below-decks, and the pirate soldiers and sailors wisely chose to abandon ship for Karlskrona. May God have mercy on their souls with Francois Duclos as their new master.

I jest of course. There are worse Captains to serve under than the Swashbuckling Francois, despite Percy's jibes to the contrary.

Yet, despite the misfortunes of war, the mass loss of life, and other misadventures, the mission was a "success." Wine was delivered, and a Duchess's son returned home safely. Duchess Gonzaga of Artios, renowned as the greatest accountant on the continent, Merchant Queen (in all but name) of the free-port of Artios is satisfied and calls us "friend." I have a full purse of coins, land to homestead on (assuming the land isn't some swamp) and a swift ship being built for me by the greatest shipwrights of Kleef. Soon she shall be ready for the open seas, and, with her, I'll take a Stout crew and continue my explorations of this globe. With that, I find peace.


   Leon Leonard L'eonce

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