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Cutlass Campaign Later Decision


Nantes Dilemma
The loss of Nantes is significance; four pure French regiments were routed. These will take half a D8 campaign seasons to rally and rehabilitate the ransomed; even so, all companies will be in distress, until they bloody win again.
Elements of Serbian, Moorish and other independent companies were also weakened. The players have previously riled several neighbors and have left France with few if any allies. Even our longtime mistress, Scotland, has been abandoned for another. Of all dames, the Kleef?
There are five possible choices for resolution, which may result in the restoration of Nantes. A battle must still be fought. The Degree of Difficulty listed in each will lower through directed missions by the players.

A. Diplomacy: Travel to Russia and negotiate a settlement. The region is historically French, a plus, but many Slav refugees camp on the border. Lichtenstein may be recuited to help arbitrate a treaty. Most likely will involved restitution to include the return of the Karlskrona. Odds of success Ordinary. If nothing is done in a half D8+2 missions, this is the course of the campaign.

B. Solve the rebellion and hardships of the Montpellier Valley. The forces there are local to the warzone, easier to supply. They also have been feuding for a decade and are well versed at warfare. A half D8 regiments, companies of all types, may be fielded if loyalty of the local barons is restored. They will desire a Magna Carta agreement w/ new French king.
Alternate Suggestion – Unite the cottage industries, aristocrats, in Montpellier to become the makers of the finest blades and cutlery, using leather from Marseille, iron from Nice and chrome from Noire. Will result in a new Cartel TO BE NAMED, which directly challenges the Wallensteins by causing labor shortages. Odds of Success Difficult (Barons or empower Cartel as new authority) but Nearly Impossible if players wish to own the newly established Cartel.

C. Seek a truce or armistice with England, then move the garrison of Vichy north. Uncertain what the English King, Patrick the Kind, and his very influential Queen, Rachel of Spain, may desire. The balance of power is moving to colonial possessions. New France or New Vert might allow non-French speaking colonists to freely migrate. An old enemy, Humphrey, aboard his warship, Skulagjarri, will be opposed to any deal. He would need to be defeated at sea.
Danger of betrayal by either the English or Spanish. The Spanish may not be at war with France, but they seize opportunity. Many Spanish speaking villages exists on the border. Odds of Success English (Tasking) and Spanish (Difficult). Either success does not include defeat of Humphrey. Of note: any mission here will also help establish gunpowder reactors in Noire.

D. Recruit a mercenary army from Serbia, Carpathia or Ansbach to oust the Russians. Will add to overall debt of France (typical of the era); Fuggars have stated they will loan the crown the money.
The Carpathians, King Rasmus, are suspicious, because the French have been implicated in rousing rebel protestants in the region of Lucerne Peak. The Serbians, Kurgan Ádám the Mighty, have a natural ally in the Russians with a similar culture and language; the king there may decide to join the Russians? Angsbach (confederation) is angry that its kindred allies in Bavaria were defeated. A poweful count, David, respects strength and has a seasoned army with plenty of true renaissance cavalry. All three enjoy money, especially mint marked Incago silver.
Additionally note, David of Ansbach is the first national leader to fully reform, embracing the teachings of Samuel of Kleef. If the French clergy agree to an ecumenical debate in Tours, an agreement to oust the papist Russians is assured. Odds of Success Serbia (Tasking), Carpathia (Nearly Impossible) or Ansbach (Difficult or routine if debate is staged).

E. Find another treasure city in the New World to ransack. The proceeds can be used to win yet another war. Odds of Success Unknown.

Not sure why true pyrates would care for these Olde World intrigues, but Diaz was saddled as a true patriot (in a moment of Growth weakness). Diaz vows to retake Nantes.



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