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Requesting Help Brainstorming


Is there any magical event or ability, spell or incantation, fantasy power, etc., which cannot be pigeon holed into or broadly interpreted as one of these twenty categories?

Wizardry Demigod (A)
Wizardry Psionics (B)
Wizardry Geomancy (C)
Wizardry Telekinesis (D)
Wizardry Precognition (E)
Wizardry Demonic (F)
Wizardry Cellestial (G)
Wizardry Necromancy (H)
Wizardry Illusions (I)
Wizardry Shape Shifting (J)
Wizardry Pyrotechnics (K)
Wizardry Conjuration (L)
Wizardry Hexes (M)
Wizardry Voltaic (N)
Wizardry Animate Objects (O)
Wizardry Thought Control (P)
Wizardry Paralysis (Q)
Wizardry Spirit Guide (R)
Wizardry Power Words (S)
Wizardry Cosmic (T)

Yes, Mind Reading might be Psionics, but I'm trying to keep that one ability an impossibility of play. You can force a person to think (i.e. Charm someone), but never truly hear their reflections and lies. Yes, you may w/ Precognition get a sense of what is to come, yet not know Lord Jimmy is the traitor, until it occurs. I like games w/ mystery.

Hope you can help em out. Be a pain if I have to go through all the D&D spells, in the various versions I don't own, and see if I can do Otto's Magic Pearl of Laughing spell; probably that's Thought Control?



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