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Just set up an account on DriveThruRPG. Was rather painless. (If it worked.) Should take a couple days to get any titles cleared by the censors.

No Cutlass 2015 there; got an exclusive w/ Amazon. Same w/ Battle Born. But if the nostalgia sales on DriveThru seem okay. Expecting laptop money,..., or a can of compressed air for the keyboard.

I may move the games off Amazon. Sort of wonder what that means for people who bought there? Too confusing for me? Strike that -- Amazon copies will remain. I will create separate product lines as needed. The Amazon Battle Born was an update and had extra material. DriveThru, if it gets a Battle Born style game will be pdf of an older version. Cutlass Book Five, the Q&Ds will go to Amazon to keep the series in one location. But Outlands, fantasy w/ Cutlass mechiancs may go to DriveThruRPG. This was so much easier when I had Todd Pickens for help. Though Conrad did a great job on layout and edit on Good Guys series.

My expectations are minimal; worth it all for the smiles.



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