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The group set off for Kiev from Constantinople to deliver a fertility statue to the Academy there. The journey was unusually fraught. Many encounters were generated in Phase A. Across the Black Sea the idol doubled in size, though only our commander seemed fully aware of the change. We reached the entrance of the Dnestr river and were contacted by an agent of the rival; Valentin Anatoly, Prefect of the Janissary, asked us to toss the idol we carried into the river. He offered a nice reward.

Even if we agreed, our Patron Bogdan Kryt is a user of Illusions. We would not know if we were tossing the real idol or a copy we had made. The copy was now half the size of the growing idol. Our captain, nine-fingers, seemed to be talking to his mug of ale; he said that the rival and patron appeared inside?

We reached Kiev and found the idol, the one we tested as unbreakable, had in fact been broken. The idol was lashed incorrectly by Uleg, the provisioner. Uleg would later die in battle, so he got his punishment.

We carried the cracked idol through the streets of Kiev as well wishers gathered and danced. The adulation seemed to make the idol grow even larger. Eventually it turned into an angry Large+ creature of stone, which had to be shattered and destroyed. The man we were to taking the statue to, Paval Rosti of the Kiev Academy, said he did not ask for the delivery? When he was told that Bogdan was our patron, he laughed and said this was just Bogdanís idea of a joke. One dead, a joke? Much of the city was in havoc from the prank. The baron Jean, of the hourglass cult devoted to the Grey One, was also not pleased.

Iím guessing our next task will be to turn around and go back to Constantinople on orders of Paval to prank Bogdan. We might refuse, but would we? Be nice when wizards stop hurting the innocent with their foolish games. But several characters did advance to level one. The stone idol was stopped. Several purses of coins changed hands for our gain. If the adventure only cost the life of one incompetent man, Uleg, well we can call that a good day (of gaming).



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