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Su Bi Ti --- Chase for the Treasure


The party continued their chase against the evil Goblin, Gnomes, Greedy Men who stole our treasure (which we were stealing from the dead Su Bi Ti) ... Is there no one you can trust these days?

Great Map --- bonus for old school furled edges
As commented, the map was a great example of something that looked like we had choice ... but did not. Well, to be bold or cautious. Foolish or Worst?

The symbol decipher was a nice touch but tough in a 3 hour event without K man. We know the steps but there's a bit of work there. The good thing, the symbol for the spiders looked like ... a spider.

Nice Balance
For 9th level guys, "most" of the mobs we faced were well beneath us. (The 7 Xorn at the end was our death if we battled. But, prudence took over.)

The battles were presented in such a way that they remained a threat. Mud Men and Stirges ... a classic one two punch. I could smell the fear from across the continent. Victory without fear smell is not as sweet.

Well done.

Old Man Break for Remembering Lost Years
I was drawn back to summer nights at the Dining Room table flipping through the Monster Manual for the first time. When Tony said Slithering Tracker, it was as if we found that Monster for the first time.

The "false" treasure chest in the bottom of Death Lake was a great touch. Even with the power of the gods telling us to not fiddle with it .... it took all our mocking and derision to leave it behind. Yet, at least 4 people made a life goal to return and fish it out. What we'll do for a few copper.

May not be Tolkien Elves
As noted in the conversation, I don't remember Elves being so whiney ... but the Elf redeemed himself by giving the Shatner-esque speech to the lady Sphinx asking in Hobgoblin, "... Did she remember seeing the stars for the first time ...."

Now, this was to convince the grand intellect that we were worth not eating. One should note, of course, that the proper translation of Hobgoblin would be " ... sky fire to eat hummie bone .... " but that is not as grand a speech.

I found myself wiping a tear from my eye. Well done Elf man ... well done.

Then, my brain flashed back to Elrond in Rivendale ... yea, I guess Elves are whiny Vulcans.

Obligatory Python Reference
(Later, of course, I pondered if a Lion Tart Lady is the best way to provide modest accommodations in the Underworld --- or to dispense Grails.) Whenever you can get the Monty Python reference in a D&D game, that's a good day.

Classic puzzle 101 ... if you don't know, guess egg ... it's always egg. That would make a great book. Classic riddles 101.

I'm not sure what the characters were that we didn't pick but the damage level seemed consistent and appropriate for the foes we faced. (That's a tough lever to adjust ... fear smell thing.)

In the end, we're at the Barrier with our campfire eating Priest gruel and short sheeting the elf ready to begin again with the hunt for the greatest treasure in history. In a con or so.

Keep your blades sharp.



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