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A Note from Our Sponsors --- Skype


For those that want to play virtually with us ... get your Skype working ahead of time. And, buy a reasonable headset to play with. (Do it now ... you will be happy you did.)

Skype is the hard one. It's really not too hard ... but always a challenge at the last minute (it has the special Microsoft Deadline Anticipation DLL.)

It's free and you can do lots of stuff with it.

I would recommend a wireless headset with at least 4 hours of charge. (I've struggled to find a good headset being a grumpy old man and all and not wanting to spend more than a buck and a quarter. Why you know how many Erie canals we had to dig for that buck and a quarter!!!!)

There's a gamer's headset on Amazon for $40 bucks with a 40 hour battery life. (Even half that would be grand.) You have to have Blue Tooth or buy the $12 dongle for your PC / MAC. Be careful, read the words closely ... they sell head sets too that you can't blabby blab ... you don't want that.

I have a Logitech one that is less over one's ear and allows me to interact outside the game without having to move the headset. (But the Battery life only about 4 hours ... ).

Get one you like and figure out how to use it, it will make everyone's experience more better. And, you can listen to some great tunes.

Epic Table is a feebie too ... you just need someone in the game with a license to share, share. It does not have to be the GM. You do not need a license to play or compose. (http://www.epictable.com/)

I can't swear to it, but I think you don't even need a license to share ... we just never tried it. While it has it's short comings, it's not a bad tool.

For those who did the Wow raiding, the chat tools we used then (Is it Discord now?), had a feature called "Push to Talk" which meant, you were normally muted. Skype doesn't have that ... so you have to Mute yourself. "Do IT!!!!" .... cuz "We don't need no stinking mouth breathers ..." (obligatory Sierra Madre reference).

Your gamer pals will thank you.



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