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The Beam is Superior but More Whiney ....


Fighting Nazi's and Mobsters in one go. Does it get better than that?

Great fun beating up mobs and also learning a lesson about not crushing other people's hands. (Isn't that what Comics were meant for?)

Mentalist continue to be bad news as Richy Red pointed out. I don't know all the rules but there seems to be a exploit where they can beat the ass off of us but we can't beat the ass off of them. Beam doesn't like that.

There are some pinch points in the game. Beam for example can't do more than 2 points in an attack (unless he nails it). But, many of the bad dudes don't suffer damage until they take three points. (Ref needs that to prevent from having the 50 point dude --- never liked that twist.)

So, it big battles, Beam can't do much ... Soliloquy or something else to slow the big guys down.

A few possible ways to resolve:

(1) Tell Beam to put his big boy bright red bloomers on and deal.

(2) Give option to spend a segment prepping to increase damage on the next segment.

(3) Allow damage to be not be blocked on the 4th or 5th segment.

(4) Allow players to aid / stack on each other. I give Silver Specter +1 damage next attack.

(5) Allow players to have the reckoning bomb (as they say in Wow). Each time Beam rolls for success, he stores 1 point (or even half point) of damage. When he gets enough, he hits and discharges his reckoning bomb. So, after 6 successes, Beam might score 5 points of damage (5 successes to build the whammy and 1 to deliver).

But, how to make battles more scary ... Players come in groups of 8 ... Bad guys in groups of 1:

(1) Tell Bad Guys to put on their big boy bright black bloomers and deal.

(2) Put up Barrier Good Guys have to punch punch through. Yea, Bad guy only has 4 points but he's protected by 20 point shield. This would typically be in their lair?

(3) Cap the total damage a baddie can receive in a round .... too many fists ... not enough jaws. If baddie only takes a maximum of 4 points per round, due to knockback ... opportunity to strike, they will survive longer. You can only hit the villain once per panel peeps.

(4) The best defense is ... talking .... Require characters to have to get past a barrier each time to deliver damage. (Roll once to hit, Roll a second time for it to stick.) This could be villain talking and distracting players. You forgot to punch him while he was revealing his plan. Perhaps this could be something like "Clownish Mad Man" ... can't punch the jester because his crazy appearance distracts.

No complaints on the game. Great as always.



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