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Interesting (But Flawed) Idea


In our world of every expanding corporate take over, one would think that supplying and painting miniatures would be centralized eventually.



This is a kickstarter for a service to make your own custom miniature. Using their software, you pick the pose and genre and stuff. They generate a file which they will then send to someone else to print for you.

(Painting not covered.)

The price is a bit steep and the service is incomplete without painting and basing. But, it's a neat idea.

I would go more for someone just giving me the hobbit wizard in green delivered in 2 weeks, but that's just me.

I have not found a great service that reliably paints miniatures lately. There are some army painter types and a few cards on the game store walls but no one service that converts disposable income into painted lead. And in today's digital centric world, they could even make the token for you.

Back to my brushes.



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