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To Try a Heretic - Epilog (Cutlass Play 9/05/18 part 1)


Our attempt to deliver a false Ben Johnson to the Courts of the Assize had failed: our efforts merely served to unleash the infamous Marco DaVincy back into the world, and had led to the death of our companion, the newly-married Lord Timeo Lylou as DaVincy’s hand. Chaotic fighting had broken out in the Courts - Heretics loyal or sympathetic to DaVincy, Guards of the Assize, and others with motives unclear to us swirled around each other - and Jasc Bonadventure, Nemo McMoridin and I were attempting to withdraw back to my caravel, Star Horizon. We cut free and were making for the ports when two others fell in with our party. One was garbed in a red coat, the other in violet. They made no moves to stop us, and, in a fight, anyone not attacking you is, by default, an ally.

The fighting was spreading through the city, and access to the ports was blocked off. Unable to get to Star Horizon, we chose to escape on the only vessel that seemed readily available. Ironically, the personal barge of King Maxime of France was accessible, and that is what we took. I cut down the flag of France and worked on winning over her crew. Nemo had been knocked unconscious shortly after clambering over the rail. The man in red spun across the deck, clubbing down sailors and cracking skulls together, knocking men out with no permanent injury, except the one sailor attempting to sabotage the barge to deny us our prize. The man in red cut the saboteur down with his knife. The man in violet dropped below decks. It was he who discovered the unusual mechanism for weighing anchor, and he who ended the resistance of the barge’s crew with a grimace and a bellow.

Once the barge had left the mouth of the river and course had been set for Montpelier there was time for introductions. While we were prying free the gold embellishments on the barge, the man in violet made himself known as “Paul Klee,” while, perhaps ironically, the man in red bore the name “Henri le Violeur.”

We found ourselves hailed by a merchant cog. Semaphore revealed they recognized our barge as the King’s own, and that they had special cargo for the Court. The merchant asked to pull alongside to transfer the special cargo. We invited them to do so. Our plan was to board and take the merchants to prevent them from reporting our location and heading. Jasc, Nemo, Paul and myself prepared to lead the boarding party while Henri prepared the barges jolly-boat to lead a second party around to the far side of the merchant once our ships were tethered. The barge’s crew were understandably reluctant to attack the innocent merchants, but Jasc inspired them into a fighting frenzy. The ships were joined, and we began our assault. I was swinging across from an elevated position, and chose a poor moment to make my assault, for Nemo discharged our cannon into the merchant’s deck. Their men died, screaming. I was blown back onto the barge’s deck, burnt, bleeding and unconscious. Paul, perhaps distracted by my injury, or holding position because of Nemo’s use of cannon, was unable to cross ships. In fact, the crew of the merchant cut lines and hove off. A cog might be an ungainly ship, but even a cog can outmaneuver a barge. The merchants easily escaped.

With no choice but to sail on, we could but hope we reached our destination and disembarked to safety before the inevitable pursuit caught up to us. Tempers were short on-ship, but it was Jasc who calmed things down. When grumblers in the crew tried to give offense, he merely poured drinks, slapped the men on their backs and told tales and jokes of camaraderie. His treatment of the barge’s crew paid off later - for when the barge’s crew later told their tale, Jasc Bonadventure but have been described as a true loyalist to the Crown. Jasc was promoted to Major in the King’s Army! Nemo’s opinion is Jasc wears the sash of the Vert Valliant, and Marshal Duclos, commander of all the King’s Armies, is a hero of that band of warriors, therefore, Marshal Duclos intervened and promoted Jasc to avoid tainting the name of the Vert Valliant.

Between Paris and Montpelier a second ship, a rotting hulk with shredded sails, hailed. No true sailor could deny aid to another vessel so obviously in need. Aboard, a ragged crew of former castaways, limping home. We took them aboard, and they willingly joined the barge’s crew.

Upon setting to port in Montpelier we were greeted with gunfire. Grognard heretics must have caught wind of our arrival. Henri set up a firing line from the barge, intending on having the crew open fire while we made our escape. Paul, instead, organized a charge. The cowardly Grognards fired one volley into the onrush, then fled. We melted into the city, leaving the barge’s crew of loyalists and castaways to return to Paris.

Thus, for a time, we all took our leave of each other. Rumors made their way to my ears that Theo, King’s Clown in England - do not laugh at the Clown, for he has his King’s ear, and could prove to be a deadly foe - holds Jasc Bonadventure, and Paul Klee at fault for the events surrounding DaVincy and the Assize Court. Perhaps one should laugh at the Clown, for Paul had no involvement in the affair, except during out escape!

I made my way back to Paris, where Star Horizon awaited. My part in the sorry state of affairs was largely overlooked, but I had an obligation to report the tragic death of Lord Timeo to his pretty young widow. There I rested while my injuries healed, and offered the young widow whatever comforts I could.


   Hugo Marque Lamarr (Mike)

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