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Outlands 12 Sept


Start in Phase B of Adventure Two using flip-card action to generate Outland play.

The party sailed down the river Dnepr, and there met a knight. He wished to cross the river, and we did not wish him well to come aboard. The crew was sore afraid. Ended up in a fight; we discovered he was a fine swimmer. He boarded us and for a sec I though we met Swashbuckler Moridin-Leon-Bailey, taking a galleass from a rowboat. He was eventually defeated, but we decided he was more merman than knight.

We met many fine people who did not try to harm us, until we decided to aggressively harm them. Some Followers of the True Faith hated our juggling, acrobatics, magic tricks, oration, wiseman debate and rejected our bribe of warm piss. They were bested of course in the only sane manner, by getting them all to surrender and hand over one purse of coins for our church, the second true faith, greed.

Our longboat kept losing hps, as we attracted rats, lost our democratic disposition and adopted an authoritarian as captain; we even saw our crew lose flavor and seasoning. Who’s the cook?

We fought one nasty fellow. I felt he was large, but another insisted he was larger than large. He may have been the merman knight. We fought janissary with those brimstone gelignite grenades that kept us Shaken. Upon finally getting out of the phase we reached the legion outpost. The ambitious captain—we did not elect—negotiated our passage. Our letter of introduction from the Kiev academy actually was accepted. Hazzah! (My dice, all adventure, were lousy; that was good time to see someone else’s two dice roll achieve something over six.)

Who is Horrible Rufus? When the choice was offered three men choose the easier fight against a mere seven men. But three and me selected the single arrogant wicked sergeant of the janissary to represent the Eight in Phase C. A single roll later on a Brash flip, and Rufus was cowering. We should have made him tell us one secret password or a universal field sign, but we were all too impressed that a battle ended after one make-roll. Later tested as a real roll, and still successful.

Arriving in the capital, just a few minor personal events later, and a campaign event which pits Varna against Constantinople, we stepped onto the docks to a hardy handshake. Our spellcrafter created illusions of his prowess. I tried to pick the man’s pocket as he hurtfully squashed a penny in my palm. I had to be rescued by my brother, who vouched well for my good temperate nature. All eventually got off the wharves, but only to be stopped by janissary in the alley.

Run, and run well we did, until we got confused. I escaped mightily, with just the loss of part of my spleen, spilt on the cobblestones. A rugged man as I does not feel such flesh wounds. Did I mention I turned blue? And grew fish scales on my arms and legs? Damn, merman, that stink is not going to rub off. (Damn Warped Outcomes, snake-eyes no less.)

The rest of my group decided to switch to Irregular, an odd tactic. (They had no choice.) Then they decided to attempt Magical. (Again no choice.) We weren’t suppose to do magic anymore? We were all just trying to escape the several thousand of the garrison chasing us. Magical, a grand display of our temperance. In fact we ended up creating a magic gate, which someday a Zaire might close. I was quite impressed by my brother’s new-found Cosmic powers. Hey, I even became a free oarsman, Oegn; maybe that tyrannical captain knows talent after all.

We return in two weeks entering part two of three for this climax of Adventure Two: Tat into Ethical Tiff, hoping to make a friend of Paval Rosti and trying not to offend our last patron, Bogden Kryt when we deploy our stink bomb. Silly wizards. Come to think of it, did my brother develop a taste for exotic herbs? I seem to feel dreamy on his second hand smoke.



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