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Question Posed to me


"You hear an alarm raised nearby? A shot? A woman / man screams. The urgency of the situation draws your attention. Level zero can't refuse to go."

Sounds more like a Personal Event? Could turn into a chase. The quests have assorted links to generate that situation. No encounter, mission takes place in immediate area. Call to arms is a proclamation? No finances. Rival and twist and mission is actually unclear on the campaign ramification. Could be a personal quest, those are in Outlands. At least one player each adventure has an extra or ulterior motive for travel. If more than one player has alternate objectives, increases the campaign challenges.

Patron 8 Rods = Warning
9 Rod = Vigilante
9 Coins = Stranger
8 Coins = Abducted
Queen Swords = Bereaved
10 Swords = Victim, Dying Warrior

Mission 5 Cups = Organize militia (posse?)
3 Cups = Perform under duress
2 Cups = find a missing person
6 Rods = monster hunt
8 Coins = Protect celebration
Knight Sword = rescue someone trapped.
8 Swords = personal quest where player is already involved
7 Swords = Recover a theft

Secondary Motive 10 Cups = Unjustified Fear
King Rods = Apprehend criminal
Queen Rods = Recover family loss
8 Rods = Acquire healing elixir
7 Rods = Hunt unseen beast
6 Rods = Rescue from slavers
2 Rods = Someone disappeared
7 Coins = investigate dark terror
3 Coins = Promise of hot meals

Not counting all the major flairs that force involvement.

I think we're covered.



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