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Kind of Important - System Maintenance


Just an FYI to all you happy Spacegamer.com users, to continue to evolve into the 18th century, our web hosting service provider is recommending we move to an SSL certificate.

It does all sorts of nerdy goodness but the big impact to us users is it will change the location of the host slightly.

Rather than http://spacegamer.com ... it will become httpS://spacegamer.com. The old location will get you to an error as it no longer exists.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We should be switching over when the slackers in our IT department get around to it in a week or two.

Remember ... httpS.

Since we don't collect user information, we can't alert you with spam ... so ... now is your bestest chance to be aware.



Message Replies:
Change Frightens Me -- red (posted: 9/25/2018) 
The big change is the S .... in the http thingy .... -- IronConrad (posted: 9/25/2018) 
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