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Outlands 26 Sept


The blue spire sage was planted in the dust of the sandstone idols. Our enchanter, Tamoon, created a cosmic field; the plant ripen forward a season. An odd magical NPC, Omar, assisted for a purse of coins, Ungmar’s. Some of us fled; some of us stayed to watch. The resulting foul stank made thousands ill and coated the marble statues of the gods with tar. Ungmar fled through the sewers, so he thought the arcane sage quite pleasant.

We were ordered to clean the entire city, a task of many lifetimes. Our mission one patron, Bagdan Kryt, interceded, and we were released to his custody, after he cleansed the city.

Bagdan Kryt denied he knew anything about the sandstone statue problems. “I would do no such thing. I am a professor of ethics. Paval probably had a mishap with one of his many Hexes.”

The story was plausible. There was no one to trust, but patrons are usually not betrayers of those they hire. Of course, Paval of Kiev was our patron too. A quest with too patrons and a Janissary Rival, Valentin.

Bagdan showed a letter from Kiev, with the seal of the Academy, requesting the statue be found in the archives and sent. “I thought it was a plus that the thing was so horrifying to view. Primitive and unclad in the loins, a spectacle!”

If further proof was needed, compare our philosophies. “Rosti thinks wars are divine instruments; are gods of chaos to be embraced? A Just War for a good cause is the path to civil rule and the end to baronial conflicts. If Kiev sets the dogma, we’ll still have pagan fire worshipers pillaging and burning indiscriminately.” (To a degree he is talking of the player character raiders.)

“That and of course my former pupil, Paval, was a member of the Servants of the Grey One. Once a minion, always a minion?”

Mission Three: Harvest the plant, Blue Spires Sage. Brew a tea under the moon, cork the bottle before dawn. Take the tea back to Kiev. Disguise yourselves or return to report your actions to Paval. Get him to drink the tea. The fluid may not be cut with other spirits. It will strip him of magical mana for several cycles of the moon. “That should temper his ways.”

We first had to release our crew and our longboat. This was finally accomplished with a raid, Outlandish, from the docks. Acrobat became important.

As we rowed out to sea, the man Omar, appeared on our ship. Someone asked him to teach some magic. He offered demonology but was rebuffed. Another stepped forward and took him up on the offer. In exchange for the instruction, our captain Lanse Samuelsson gave the man a ride to the city-state of Cherson. Acrobat became important, ensuring the sailing was precise and without incident. At Cherson we exchanged Huginn’s purse to have some techniques restored to full status.

The voyage to the fork of Dnepr and Dnipr, above the legion camp, was uneventful, a single Ten. We made the tea, easy enough when Sigmun 12-tå used his Blade that extrude oils to stoke a fire.

Beyond the fork the legion once again honored our pass form Kiev. yet we were attacked by Xy and the Jenolen Owl men. They are mute, show no expression, but they seem pissed at us; just the once we made buffalo wings? Acrobat became important as we rammed, assailed and defeated the leader. But in a show of leniency, we released them all unharmed. The crew complained that loot was allowed to skip over the tide. Moridin would hear not words of greed. Her Repartee settled the matter conclusively.

Off to Kiev for a last decision (of the evening). Obstacle A: We could head right to The temple of the Gods, break in and find Paval. His throat is dry and needs our poison, I mean tea cure. Or wait a few days and let no one suspect. Huginn Sageson waved to us from the open gate leading to the courtyard around the Cathedral. Make-roll! The temple doors, tall of rare Oak, left shut as we entered like the saints, through the chimney. Acrobat became important.

The final action was to find the prayer hall and avoid being mesmerized by the ceiling, a display of piety and confession. We all did, and the rest shall be settled in two weeks.

We are stating to gel and teach each other the mechanics. One clear mistake, must remember our Clever, but it only cost a few characters wounds. Rugged ignored these, except for Ralf, limping with a shattered hip?

Anyone who bought or copy on DriveThru RPG (or simply the curious), should email me to come have a taste of the rules. We use Skype and Epic Table; both free. If you want to listen in on Skype, that’s okay for a first time visit of the bashful. Or, join us and download both programs. Gamers are gamers, play like we were at a convention. Weds PST 1832 to 2110, Cutlass on even weeks, Outlands on odd, until I write Era Ten with Cutlass mechanics (coming soon next year).



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