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Big change to Outlands Designing Scenarios


The rivals are no longer a selection of professional classes, which isn't very helpful for the story. The rivals to the mission are almost exclusively affected nobles. What makes them different from each other is the environment or political conditions the rival suffers.

Here's an example:

Rival Frontier 6 Rods: Infertile Lord The region is under a curse, or presumed curse; an unjustified fear may be more dangerous. Infertility is the most applicable. Besides keeping the region low in population, the source of the problem is impossible to find. The players who enter this area will be seen as possible saviors, foretold by prophesy to bring the cure or end the curse. Seldom will the group of outsiders be able to do so. And wild goose chases, dangerous detours, should follow. The answer is complex, social or political, as wars have killed off the young men and left many a widow. The rival's village might just need some man-folk, breeding stock, which can not be allowed to simply recreate and leave. The young men may also have disappeared for unknown, yet very dangerous reasons.

The crew will know of this place and not want to go there. They will need to be ordered, and they will still be reluctant. Only after a few beatings will the oars begin again to stroke. The groupís longboat loses the following Longboat techniques: Seasoned Crew (L), Comradery (P) & Democracy (S) before entering the climax. This noble and his problems governs the City-State Sarkel.


Compare that to Barony's 6 Rods: Hero of Battle



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