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Outlands 10 Oct


We continued our hunt in the Temple of Kiev for Paval. We had a serum of punishment from our patron Bogdan. We had yet to find a way of administering the potion. But, we had crossed the vaulted cathedral and were not mesmerized. We would do that another five times as we searched.

Up in the bell tower we found a slave bell ringer. We could not risk his loyalty, that he might sound the alarm. As we battled to subdue him, he changed to an Enchanted Jenolan. We fought and defeated him, though I must admit I’m unsure how that occurred. (Make-roll).

We followed a smell of baking to a culinary school. Paval has many outreach programs to employ the poor. Else he keeps much of the city indebted to him for tuition? The encounter passed without incident as Huginn (Mike) intimidated the debtors. Cyrul (Tony) thought to grab a pie to use to deliver the serum for Paval Now where was he?

We entered a guardroom and were attacked. Cyrul summon his flying horse to assist him in the fight in the wardroom. Another wow we can do that (this once) moment. The Horrible Sergeant of Wardroom, Edourd, had three men with him. Twelve-Toes (Bruce) finally summoned illusions (to advantage), so that the sergeant was slain by his own three guards. Then Ungmar (Red) cut down the minions w/ Speed & Guile (on third attempt, finally).

Entered a counting room and opted not kill anyone else. Though Ungmar, covered in blood, advocated no witnesses. We had already slain four, why not six? But Ralf (Conrad) argued that the men were good servants to join our own crew. Cyrul said the chests were too heavy to carry and still fight well. So, he suggested we animate the legs of a box and have it walk along with us. This was done by Tamoon (Rusty). The chest animated, Ungmar tested the strength and decided it could carry a second chest atop. We took no more, fearing traps. (Nice idea by Tony with execution by Rusty.)

Found the pulpit, which can be used to charm the masses. Beneath the stair, difficult to find, was a cellar. Inside we released a prisoner. Tamoon promised to get the girl, Khổng lồ of Staraja, home safely.

Ah, the choir. So many failed rolls. We though maybe Paval was listening to a performance—Lanse (Greg’s plan)—all the magical members were doing was rehearsing. No Paval. After every trick we had failed, we got by with a make-roll to avoid the cultist Banes. Our dice were poor all evening? We suggested we were dueling instructors, or represented a farm coop bringing dinner, or maybe we were just there to kill Paval; even the truth was not to be believed. Did we truly try juggling? Make-roll of some bizarre tale got us out. I think Ungmar covered in blood was the real measure of convincing them to go back to being songstresses and not question men covered in sergeant’s innards.

We stopped on the grounds to play a game of crochet; Ralf decided the novelty should be taught in barrooms.

The abbey’s room was finally found. We went to fourteen out of sixteen areas before success. Twas easy (make-roll) to convince Paval to eat the gift of a pie; we told him of our adventure making Constantinople stink. He laughed; he’s not a nice servant of the Grey One. After eating, Paval lost his magic and also choked. His age appeared to be several hundred years old and without restoration he decayed to a mummified corpse. Whoopsie?!?

We could have fled then, but there was an enchanted Cryptic Monk and an Ignobelt o check. The monk tried to divide himself into three opponents. Sun card nice to see. A make-roll without using make-roll and Cyrul got the final kill.

We have a girl to take home and a pair of missions to conduct simultaneously starting in two weeks. You know how to reach us if you wish to join or listen in (Skype and Epic Table).



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