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Comment I read, not sure what to think


The "I" is not Red; this was a comment left on a chemistry site:

"Thirty years ago I worked for a company that among other things bought military surplus. The boss had gotten this strange ball made of stainless steel about the size of a softball, It had some fittings and rods coming out of it and looked a lot like the Sputnik spacecraft, It was obviously hollow and had some liquid in it. He and another employee got to work trying to cut it open. After a lot of hack sawing on the thing, they cut through and a silver liquid metal started pouring out. This surprised them and they tried to catch it in their hands thinking it was mercury. There was not much, about what the video showed. It started burning their skin and smoking. They ran to the sink to wash it off with water. When the water hit the metal, now stuck to their hands, it caught fire and exploded in small pops and fizzes. We later learned that it was caesium. Their hands healed after a few weeks. Later I did some research and to my best guess, the ball was indeed a satellite that the military used as a target in orbit to aim high energy xray beams at. This one never made it to space and ended up being sold (most likely by accident) at a surplus sale."

Most likely by accident? Fact they would try to catch "mercury" in their hands sounds pre-1970s as well. All metals liquid at room temp are pretty toxic. Caesium replaces Sodium, so likely later brain cancer?

Yet start of a horror story or sci-fi there as something odd is bought military surplus. Makes me think of Battle Born. Did the pong machine of doom get sold on Walker eBay?



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