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From the new Outlands Encounter Book


Each Outlands Setting will have ten Q&D specifically written to help mitigate the unfortunate outcomes created during Mission Inconsequence Encounters.

Here's the list for the Underworld Setting
Cup-Cup: Q&D Placating the Expedition Inquiry
Cup-Rod: Q&D Checking or Limiting Pointless Skirmish
Cup-Coin: Q&D Austerity, Improvisation and Salvage
Cup-Sword: Q&D Retreat to a Choke-Point or Designated Refuge
Rod-Rod: Q&D Circumventing Passage Obstacles
Rod-Coin: Q&D Mending and Recovery following Mishap
Rod-Sword: Q&D Avoiding Ambuscade and Lairs
Coin-Coin: Q&D Investigation and Excavation
Coin-Sword: Q&D Halting the Spread of Hysteria
Sword-Sword: Q&D Discord in the Ranks

Just a taste...
Q&D Retreat to a Choke-Point or Designated Refuge
Dwarves King: No time for inaction, speak directly and confidently to the multitude (wondering what your blood tastes like). Success and this encounter ends. Difficulty: 9 Advantage: Trait Bold
Dwarves Queen: Corral the throng to keep all but the leaders back and cowering. Success and this encounter ends. Difficulty: 9 Advantage: Blade Bounding (C)
Dwarves Knight: Pay no heed to the hurled rubbish or spitting faces taunting in the crowd; donít let them provoke a rash act. Success and this encounter ends. Difficulty: 9 Advantage: Skill Armorer-Smith
Dwarves Knave: Do not let on that you see through their smiles right into their deceptions. Success and this encounter ends, but fail and suffer a minus one Quest pip going forward. Difficulty: 9 Advantage: Language Dwarvish
Dwarves 10: When a vulgar defier lunges, crack open its skull and watch as the underlings cavort to lick-up the blood spray. Success and this encounter ends. Difficulty: 9 Advantage: Swagger Crushing Blow (G)
Dwarves 9: Retreat step by step until your sanctuary is easily within bow range. Success and this encounter ends. If the rank of the event is Rare (seven) or Catch-All, fail and the lowest level player character suffers a vicious wound. Difficulty: 9 Advantage: Skill Artillerist
Dwarves 8: Spot and target the most aggressive enemy sergeants instilling confidence in the rest. Fail and encounter escalates into combat; players must start with a Brash Bane. If the rank of the event is Flukes (six) or Catch-All, Difficulty increases by three. Note, the dwarven king is not typically Great, but he might be; he is not threatened by this event. Difficulty: 9 Advantage: Skill Bowman
Dwarves 7: Withdraw facing he enemy yet protect your flanks from being enfiladed by slingers. Fail and encounter escalates into combat; players must start battle at method Irregular. If the rank of the event is Agitated (five) or Catch-All, regardless, battle is engaged, but success allows group to gain a Command Pip. Difficulty: 9 Advantage: Blade Biting (L)
Dwarves 6: Order the rest to make haste back to the waypoint, as you quell the first wave of assault. Fail and suffer a vicious wound. If the rank of the event is Infrequent (four) or Catch-All, regardless, gain the Fury Pip for action here or in combat going forward; wound becomes walking, as youíre still in this to win (survive). Difficulty: 9 Advantage: Skill Berserker
Dwarves 5: Keep up your banter, both sustaining parley with the dwarves, as you also give orders for your men to slowly retreat. Fail and encounter escalates into combat. If the rank of the event is Informational (three) or Catch-All, the failed roll also results in a vicious wound; the clan is pissed. Difficulty: 9 Advantage: Swagger Better Valor (B)
Dwarves 4: Deflect the enemy missiles and caustic magical sprays. Fail and lose one swaggering technique. Neither the Longboat or Mount may be selected. If the player has no others, suffer a vicious. If the rank of the event is Common (two) or Catch-All, fail and increase Warped Outcome tally by a half D8. Difficulty: 9 Advantage: Swagger Mastery Shield (O)
Dwarves 3: Stand ready, drawing them closer; tis you and your brethren ready to ambush the dwarven vanguard. Fail and lose any longboat techniques, which the group detailed and brought with them below ground. If the party has no remaining detachment, player suffers a vicious. If the rank of the event is Routine (one) or Catch-All, success and also all players gain a Tactical Pip. Difficulty: 9 Advantage: Swagger Speed & Guile (R)
Dwarves 2: The area is festooned with cloaked pitfalls, though several are marked by previous delver passage. Fail and continue your survival on Digressions (E), Confronted and Overwhelmed by Dwarves (Goblins). Difficulty: 9 Advantage: Language Lezgin
Dwarves Ace: After the first crimson speck bubbles from your forearm, delight in fiendish reciprocity; slaughter hundreds, thousands, wade through their tiny shattered bodies. Success to end encounter. But, fail and encounter escalates into full combat. Difficulty: 9 Advantage: Swagger Heroic Swordplay (K)



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