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Outlands 7 Nov


We left Kiev to return the star child to her city, Staraja. As we departed an Old Guard Legionnaire, Ogurs dy Baina, offered us a chest of treasure to help rid Novgorod of a dangerous cult. The Greeks there are worshipping the night sky lights. The deck was very kind; our rolls were dismal. A sad gamer blames his dice; our dice were terrible. We flipped ACE then KNIGHT-KNIGHT pair for encounters and waltzed there, short a few longboat swaggering from diseased cities passed along the way. But quickly there without trial was nice.

In Novgorod we rallied the Avar farmers to help us rid the city of the cult. They hated the way they were treated. We stormed our way through the River Gate, eventually defeating eight huge guard to open the barbican. We met the constables who offered us a chance to leave the city for reward. We refused. We refused?!?

In short order we raised a shambling army of nearly three thousand rioters. The Bulgar wood cutters, a frontier legion cohort, six hundred Vikings without a ship, and a group of 1700 Khazar prisoners. They were placed in quarantine by the city for their habit of public micturition. We entered the city prison housing them through the sewers. My character is too often entering and escaping through drainage tunnels. Maybe I should become a delver? (I am one.)

The Rus bankers refused to help. The city shuttered windows and pelted us with garbage. The Company of Delvers in the city convinced many of our group to leave this folly. We grew to realize that starting a riot is not a very nice thing to do. But the mob is mobilized and ready for next session and final climax Q&D Senseless Slaughter.

What could go wrong?

Yet as I said, the card flips (despite sad rolls) left me wounded, but also richer by several magical swaggering techniques. I am also at 25 in Warped Tally and attracted a mentor. Three times I failed and sent to the Outcome table. Things only get worse from here.

Ogurs dy Baina had better give us a bonus—oh yeah the loot from the Greek homes—for completing this. Shire Reeve Morg offered us college and affiliation, a home. The Avar legionary patron offers us ignoble pillage.



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